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Nice one, glad to hear and thank you! I look forward to it!

Looking forward to the next release and I really dig the pushing for donations to an animal shelter, lots of love. Hope you're staying safe and are on trach for the release.

He's a creator, I meant to mean it like a another fave creator. He has a few games, such as FEMDOM city mantis!

Is the game finished, or still in development if anyone knows~?

Too many games don't focus on a female protagnist, well lewd game, but it is something I really am enjoying! I was heartbroken to be hit with the current end of the game and wish you the best with it. So many people don't take the advantage of it. Though, I've found a few games now that are brilliant.

No problemo! More lewd games here should focus on female protagonist. Feels like theres a lot of male centric ones, but I follow around three, including this that I really dig!

Just as a follow up to sandboxer808 for me, the menu loaded after administrator was run. So I believe trying that might help some people! Also Necro fantastic game thus far!

Holy shit this is so good, I find it on par with another personal favorite of mine, Darktoz. It's so good, I love the interchanging options and the like. Next payday I will be joining your patreon. Fantastic work.

Hey! Thanks for the speedy response! 

I got to work and she gives me the make up prompt every time. Like, the same thing where it's take you into the staff room and does so. Unless I need to buy it somewhere?
Also I'm really potato and don't see the bug fix, so I might just be being stupid?

Hey guys, I really enjoy this game but I get "An exception has occured" in reguards to "cockworkGabbySprite." Does anyone know of a fix? Also how do I progress past the dancingblow with Rye?

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Currently caught at the bit with make up at work, thats there, everything else at classes is done ad chemistry says help Faye with her project. I've gone to people and just get the stop symbol when hovering over it?
Great work so far by the way!