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nice game

kool game!

cool game

cool game

cool game

very cute 10/10

i shot him-

this is cool

really good imma see the other chapters

cute, nice and i love the art!

nice game looks yum

luv this game

made me cry

bro the artstyle is a MASTERPIECE

i feel bad for the dino TT


rlly short but love the game!

alesa x greta? The way alesa runs is so funny

Doggy Dogz

okay im not gonna finish the game 

when im on the third or second day she looked sick so uhhhh i didnt wanna play anymore oh and beacause of the comments

rlly nice gamee!

this is very interesting I LOVE RATS

this is so cuteee!!!

wait how does she know my time hmmm?

noice game love the art

theyre so cuteee!!

this was so cute!!! rlly luv this game

luv this game


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Wait what if he found "Ella", but  the "Ella" he found just looks like her, and the real Ella was already dead and he already knew she was dead but still thinks she's still alive. He killed the real Ella beacause he found out she was gonna leave him. Ok idk anymore. Really nice game! Really want more though.

rlly love the game even if its short

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can someone write a song for married life in the movie UP?

pretty nice game would give it a 5 stars!

very cute game <3

pretty nice gamee

oh ok thx!

i just played the game silver thread then found this!