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cassandra moth

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such a beautiful game with so much fun momentum to it.  also jessica is really cool.

writing and art are both excellent and the variety was a good surprise.  i couldn't find the secret ending but i will try again to find it someday.

i liked the progression, it's enough to stay interesting to explore but not so much that it gets overwhelming.  the black-and-white art style is very nice too.

Really really good game.  The variety of puzzles was surprising and the mechanics were introduced at a pace that kept things from getting overwhelming.

The music is also excellent, especially during the last two phases.

I absolutely adore the way this game constantly opens up and blossoms across itself, both from acquiring new abilities and from progressively learning how to better utilize prior ones.  The feeling of some type of movement clicking and becoming a part of a fluid repertoire is so good and so frequent.

Also the art/writing/music is all very cute and all of the individual components are so well-suited to each other.

The pacing on this is so good!  Every conversation is so well-crafted to both contribute to the overall direct theme and add a beautiful sense of foreboding.

Such an incredible, beautiful game.