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Cass Aleatory

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Genshin, huh? I really love that game too! If you're ever looking for people to co-op with, you're welcome to add me~

It really did take me awhile to figure out how difficult to make the puzzle; I wanted it to be accessible instead of an obscure easter egg that few people would see. I'm glad you connected with it! 

Thank you so much—I'm so happy to hear that!

Looking back, making this was a vital step in processing my experiences. It's not the most sophisticated thing ever, but I am really proud of the heart that went into it, especially after your comment~

Thank you, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it; this comment made my day!

this is super cute, i love it!! the way you've fused something with a lot of nostalgic power like fairy tales with more mature themes like economics, intrigue, and thoughtful romance strikes me as very fresh.

incorporating the fairy tale genre gives you a ton of unique possibilities with the romances, especially. plot events that would be called "too perfect" or "tacky" in other stories are sweet and charming instead here, because they're genre-correct; in other words, that's just how fairy tales work. you can do almost anything you want, this has so. much. potential!!

i also appreciate how you let the player customize their character's physical appearance... it really helped me visualize myself in your world.

in just the part you've done so far, you've already set the stage for a lot of different subplots... it's easy to see that you're setting up a much larger story, and i can't wait to see how the player's decisions and romance choices play out from chapter to chapter. i much excite for next update!!