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"Los que ponen la muerte en el futuro, que cojan la maleta"

The message is clearly by and for Canary Islanders but nevertheless it hit me hard.  Other parts of Spain were also deeply affected by the most greedy aspects of tourism in the past decades, so in some way the game made me reflect on its impact on past generations around me and whatever choices I could possibly make that have an effect on that.

I think it's not too crazy to say that many Spaniards today have similar imaginary "maletas"; the game made me feel sad but also inspired me to unpack my own maleta and reflect on what I can do to honour the local past and work on a local future at the same time.


This was sooo funny! Congratulations, I had a great time at the end of a stressful day.

This is extraordinary, it's mesmerizing and beautiful and stunning.
The animations were incredible, the immersion was so nice I even shivered a bit in *that* gory scene.
It's the best game I have played this year. Congratulations!

This one hit me close. It is not super recurring, but I often have a similar dream.

In my dream I'm a teenager again and I have to go back home from la Feria de Sevilla before dawn, that is, before my parents wake up and get mad. In my dream I am always unable to be back home in time, sometimes even the sun comes up but I never get home, no matter how fast I try to run. So frustrating.

This game managed to capture that same distress I feel in my dream, especially towards the end. Daaamn