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Had a fun with my first session. Very system light and quick game with charming descriptions. I didn't manage to brew my skullduggery potion, but I befriended a wolf who is my best pal now and saw cool mushroom path under the light of a pink moon. Truly living the best witchy life.  

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Just finished 100% run of Toree 2 on my Switch, now onto the Bonus content.

I loved the speedrunning aspect, all the levels are really well design and figuring out ways how to cut my time down was fun.  I only played the first level of bonus update and I loved it. It feels like perfect evolution and the low poly charm is up to the roof.

My only complain would be about the bonus CD collecting. I was really looking forwards to exploring all the levels with Macbat but he is just sooo slow, and going though the spread out levels was just a bore. So I ended up googling the locations of some harder to find CDs.  He would be more fun if he was 2-3 times quicker and maybe if jump was turbo-buton for him(ala Joust or Baloon Fight). 

Toree may be just a bird with no special abilities, but he knows how to rock it. Perfect vibes, perfect lowpoly graphics, kickass music. This is a steal for 1$.