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Good job on this! the maze is especially well done!

this feels so good to play! I also love the music! Great job!!

oh ok thanks!

Here is my new game takes place in a bar!

Very nice! I really like the color palette!

Are you using a youtube video?

Good game! I like the ambient sound that you have and the color palette is nice as well! 

Good job!

Very nice!  I really like the console that you created. And the music is nice as well!

Haha thank you! I just recently found that artist and pretty much wanted to make the game around it. Thanks for playing!

Enjoy a relaxing stroll through a garden.

how did you make that shooting star????

Thank you all for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it

I just made this game, hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry about the ugly thumbnail

Nice and short, a good little microcosm from everyday life.

Really cool game, but im not hearing any sound?


Check out my new game! It's a short adventure game set on a mountain. This will be my third one now and you should check it out!

I too am wondering this.

I agree,  the colors were really trippy! I liked that alot

(2 edits) made this for the Midnight Bitsy Jam. You should check it out. It's short.

That was pretty good! Unexpected ending got me.