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I am just going to say it. Kultisti is a game design genius. 

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One of my favourite Punkcake games to date. It just puts a big smile on my face every time I play it.

One of my favourite Sokpop releases in a while.

This game is fantastic. Perfect for quick intense sessions. 

This is my favourite Sokpop game.

This game is SO good!!!!!

In 2.0.4b there is an error in the tutorial. It isn't possible to purchase Goblin Gunners in the first city without first building the Workshop. The need to build the Workshop isn't noted as a step in the tutorial.

Great fun game. I can't wait to get some time to explore it further.

Another gem.

This game has so much juice that I need a straw. Well done!!!!

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For some reason, I can't install this. When I click on install it takes me to the usual download dialogue box, but it says 'Select' next to install rather than having the download location. I hope I can get this fixed as I am dying to play this game.

Update: The problem only occurs when I try and download it with the Desktop App. I was able to download it from the website.

Really great game. Can't wait for future updates.

Absolutely hooked on this game.

Absolutely love this game.

This game ticks every box for me. I absolutely love it.

Love this game. Going to spend some more time playing it when I get a chance.

I am loving this game. Great mechanics, good difficulty and great pixel art. Congratulations to the developer.

Is this game to be releaase on Steam?

I already bought it. THIS GAME IS UNREAL. It is easily as good as half the stuff launched on Steam. I am a massive Slay the Spire fan and Dicey Dungeon fan, and I actually prefer the base mechanics of your game more. You are on an absolute winner! I feel cheap having only purchased it for $5. I promise to purchase it again if/when it is on Steam. Please keep developing this. I LOVE IT. I haven't been excited this much about a game in months.

Circadian Dice communityCreated a new topic Steam Launch

You game looks absolutely amazing. Is there any plans on launching on Steam in the future? If so, could you nominate a price to buy it on that would entitle me to a Steam key when it launches. I can't wait to play the game.

Thanks. That all makes sense. If I continue to use the image_blend variable in the switch statement and change the color of he object in the room by double clicking on the object,  than it is just a matter of using the tool you provided to get the raw color values and changing those in the switch statement. Is that correct?

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I worked out how to get the image_blend value for one of my custom colors by using the debug log, but I am sure there must be a better way.

Update: Just discovered that with the example of the spring which has an image_blend value of 3452415, that this value is obtained by converting the Hex value (FFAD34) to a decimal value, but only if the colors are reversed (ie entered as 34ADFF in the calculator). 

I still wonder why the approach of using image_blend values in the switch statement is used.

To add this this question, how do I get the image_blend value that needs to be included in the switch statement in the player step event after I change the color of the object in the room.

Thanks again.

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Just purchased this asset, and just have an initial question. In the Player step event the floorcolor switch statement is based on the image_blend value. I know this is a basic question, but where can I set the blend mode for an object that I added to the room. For example, if I add the objSpring object to the room, where can I assign the image_blend value of 3452415 (which is used in the switch statement for the spring). I have looked in the color menu for the instance, but I can鈥檛 find where I can add this value. I know that image_blend can be set in code, but I can't see where this is set.

Sorry for asking such a basic question, I am pretty much a novice and am using this to help me learn. Don鈥檛 worry, I won鈥檛 bombard you with questions.


Great game. Can't wait to play it more

I really enjoyed the demo. This is my type of game.  Will check it out when it is finished.

Love the game. Can't wait to see it finished.