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Yeah, he gives him a piggyback on Christmas.

Thanks! :)

Sorry, I thought you said 11. I'm silly. Glad you got an answer though! :)

I believe that's the Christmas cg, if I'm not mistaken. :)

I don't have 12 yet, but 11 is from the hot springs trip. Maybe it depends on if he's a top or bottom? No idea. Hope this helps a lil bit.

Weirdly, the only chibi cg I can't get from any route is the very first one on each page. I've no idea how it is and tried everything to get it. Anyone know?

Indeed it would be cute! Maybe cool features like that could be added in the late future? Since they're already working on so many cool stuff, like artbook and voice. :)

Yeah, I didn't realize it was going to be during nighttime LOL. I got to the day of the 16th and was like "aw it didnt work". Haha just me being silly. Thanks for responding though!

Yes, for him you have to do the miko's quest where you feed the stray animals. Then, tell her you'll decide what to wish for later. Then you talk to him, and have the miko pray for him. Next day, he'll have a bf and give you the toy as thanks.

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I didn't get Kei's first message, though I was a friend with Hikaru, had Kei's scene, and waited until the date. I didn't have a lover either. I'm not sure why? I mean I skipped until near the date, could that be it?? EDIT: I'm not sure if it was the cheat that wouldn't allow his ending or maybe I didn't realize it was at night LOL. Figured it out.

From a NPC sidequest, I believe! I think the guy outside the studio? To activate his quest you need a certain popularity and access to the studio. I'm not sure though, but if you look at sold out stuff from the guy in the park, he does mention which NPCs bought the stuff already. I could be wrong about which NPC quest it is so maybe check? Good luck!

Oh, okay! Sorry for confusion, haha. I'll try that, thanks!

Hm, it's what I heard. Perhaps it's really rare if it does exist? I heard you have to do it quite often to get it.

I'm wondering this, too? But the opening credits had voice actors listed, so I assume so, and that they got the game done before the voice acting. No idea when it'll be but I think we'll get one.

slategrey's audition guide I found in the comments explained a bit about this. (It has more than just audition stuff). So I haven't done it myself yet (I'm working through the routes slow but surely), but it has a detailed description in here somewhere

Indeed I did get him, thanks to your help! :) I notice a lot of fans asking questions though in the comments... do you think I could add to your walkthrough to help peeps in more areas? (Though I haven't discovered quite everything yet but I'm working on it!!)

Well, some MC scenes are general group events... I heard there's an NSFW one where you hafta own a vibrator, and an all-in-one computer and masturbate a lot to get a scene? I have yet to see a full cg guide, but if you screenshot which ones you're missing, maybe one of the fans can help you. I find everyone is being pretty helpful in the comments section. :)

I found a lil glitch. I was in the bookstore and I tabbed out of the screen to do something else, and when I came back, I was sitting there with shopkeeper boye staring at me. Just staring. No menu. It wasn't frozen or anything, and I couldn't click anything except exit, which the normal "are you sure you wanna exit?" came up, but there was nothing else I could do. ...I found it kinda funny tbh cuz hes kinda salty at MC so maybe he broke my game ahahaha!

Perhaps you didn't click the correct submenu? Took me a bit to figure it out. Any scene you've already viewed is viewable but when you click on scene replays, there's also a little submenu of little chibi heads of the guys for a specific guy's scenes. I didn't see that at first myself so maybe that's what you're talking about? If not, sorry I couldn't be of help.

Thanks so much!! I already ordered the fanbook ehehe, but it's not out yet anyways. Looking forward to that tho! Reading thru comments I found that the problem was, I thought it was by location, not by day! I was checking each location only once a week, but then working every friday for money sooo... that was probably the day I was missing, LOL. But I missed many events so I had to start over my game... very sad. But I restart with more knowledge this time!! :)

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I love this game so much, but... I'm sad I can't find any guides. I think I was supposed to have wooed the guy by now, but I keep being stumped at what to do next... I'm pretty sure I've done everything... where did I go wrooong. Toru! Just marry me alreadyyyy *sob* Where should I go for advice about the game? ;w; EDIT: AAA! The fanbook will have a guide!? I'm defs getting it! Can't wait, thank you :D