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will that change at some point?

there should be a crossover characters only seed 

for documentation of "easy win" seeds.

if someone does will you mention it in this thread?

do you need to win?

maybe it could be unlocked by beating a certain amount of runs, or something else like that

at what weight does immobility occur?

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how do you get food delivered? whenever I try it it just says that there's no wi-fi. is there some way to take the phone somewhere else or turn the power back on?

is there a weight where the player becomes immobile?

how did you access them?

thanks, why isn't the "feast for a dragon" quest in the walkthrough doc?

you should make a guide to all the endings

since you're no longer updating it will the premium version ever be free?

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i think they're asking if since you're no longer updating the premium version will it ever be free?

that's annoying, but I understand

is it possible to unlock all the spells?

you should add an option to attempt to move that appears once you reach immobility

thanks, i assume that i can be 200% certain that immobility will occur at 1000

do you plan to add species-specific events to the game?

what did you do to trigger the event?

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will the full version ever be free?

do you have any idea when it will be finished?

do you have any idea when they will be finished?

does this work on chromebook?

are you working on finding out?

what subfolder is the .exe in?

does this work on chromebook?

Will the full version ever be free?

how much weight is enough weight for the true ending?

is this still being updated?

what's the weight threshold for immobility?


you should make a chromeOS version

what is it?

does it work on chromebook?

how do i open the cheat console?

who's yumi?

it's been a year, have you given up on this game?

where am i supposed to find the code to Madeline's locker

what weights do they happen at, and do you plan to fix that?