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Hey Steelraven7 you probably wont see this but, i can't join any servers people can only join mine, and i want to play with friends but can't because i can't join any only host please hel

im also am getting the error that says missing .dll file please help

Will this ever be playable on windows, just wondering, if so then i will wait for that?

i voted for it in the steam greenlight

Just for anyone who is having trouble flying the helicopter set the bots to 0 and set you heli sensitivity sown really low and make little movements that's how i did it.

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can you add LAN multiplayer aswell as classes such as Assault, Support and Recon for some examples

This has to be the best free game on and can you make it available on steam please.

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Thank you soo much for adding the new map and night mode and night vision. But canyou please add the option to change the key to view map so that when your flying a copter at night, with or without night vision, you can just press map and see where your are going, because it is hard to press M while flying a copter. But other that that I love the new map. One more thing can you make an urban map with buildings you can go into.

Please add more maps that would be 100% AWESOME