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Please, please, please make this a full game! I seriously had so much fun playing it, the music and sfx are super cute and amazingly well done! 

LOVE IT! This game was really fun to play and although I did a goof and didn't realized you could move around until way too late, I still enjoyed my time! I did a gameplay video of my first impressions, definitely recommending this game! 

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I really enjoyed this game! It's fun yet chill yet chaotic in the later levels. I only wish there was more content! I did a little gameplay video of my first impression; it was well worth my time this game! :D

This game is COOL. Like the flight mechanics are are unique, the trippy colours and creepy atmosphere are perfectly balanced. I really enjoyed this game and greatly looking forward to the 2020 version! 
I did a little gameplay video of my first impression play through, totally worth the time! :D

Very much enjoyed the art style, music, and wordless story telling. My only feedback is two things: menu and tutorial. The menu is a little confusing and doesn't look as nice as the game. Most of the features were crossed out and because I didn't know what they were, I simply ignored and it didn't give motivation to finish the game just to see more stuff. Easy mode should be available from the start, also. 

Tutorial- I really appreciated the hand prints on the stone to guide you, however the controls were a little confusing. I found myself not learning what did what, and simply spam tapping because sometimes you would jump and climb, other times you would simply jump and fall. A short little sequence to show us what exactly did what, and how to do it would have been plenty helpful :)

Otherwise AMAZING game, truly beautiful and definitely worth the time. <3