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Short and sweet, had lots of laughs with it. The video sequence was cool and wanted to see more out there stuff like that, could have made for a really unnerving game, more character poses would have also been cute. but overall it was a cute and goofy game about lactose intolerance ;)

A short but very atmospheric experience, love the style

I love this game's eerily beautiful atmosphere - keep up the good work

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm currently in a game jam but hope to work on an update after the competition is over. I haven't played Penumbra but it definitely looks like the kinda game I'd enjoy - will try and pick it up :D

Huh, I haven't heard of that problem before. Sorry that happened to you. Does this happen every time you load the game? What framerate does the game run at for you? I'm guessing it's an error with the chunk loader not activating fast enough, will try and fix for you as soon as I can

Ahhh thanks man, I had a listen to some of your tracks on sound cloud and it's pretty next level stuff. I think I'm going to stick with Nick for moving forward with this project, but I'll consider hiring you in future; the tracks I heard defo have this intense metallic energy that'll be great for a sci-fi games

Ahh nice, great video. Sorry if the ending was a bit confusing, I'm working on an update where you pick-up the item instead of just walking into it (as you accidently did at the end), just to make it clearer. btw, was the baby cries too quite for you? My idea was the sound would lead you to the right cot, but it doesn't look like that was all too clear for you

Ah damn, love the video man, honestly didn't expect this uni project to get so much attention - already started making plans to expand the game after graduation now that I've seen all the feedback.

As a fan of sharks, I really enjoyed this cute little game.

Quite a cool fangame - I'm a bit of a sucker for fnaf fan games and didn't expect much other then a mainline game reskin, but this was fairly well made, had a few unique mechanics that separated it from the other fan games and had some cool features like the menu allowing you to read up on the girls mechanics and a section displaying and crediting fanart used in game which was super cool.
The jumpscares weren't great, but I have a feeling the devs weren't trying to scare you with this XD

Thanks so much Nick, the game wouldn't have been the same without you!

Thank you so much for trying it out, I'm glad you enjoyed

Thank you so much June, I'll try and get an update on my game tomorrow to fix some issues that's been brought to my attention (and return the shout out <3 )

Ah thank you so much for trying my game out, I've been told about some framerate issues I was unaware of, will try and patch them up so it runs smoother

Kinda love this ngl. Very good character voice, loved the weather system, lots of fun little details and a very intriguing sci-fi story

I really like this demo, the characters are very charming and cute, I absolutely love Alichino - she's my favourite, but Malacoda is great too.

I did encounter a minor issue with reloading a save on the browser version. The save was made mid-way through a text box scroll when Alichino is explaining the pirate ship expenses to Malacoda, I didn't intend to make the save halfway through the dialogue, but when I re-loaded it, it froze. I tried opening the menu and skipping the text but for some reason that didn't do anything and for some reason I couldn't open the menu again - forcing me to refresh the page (and this problem is still there if I try and reload the save after refreshing). Not sure how the save system works, but maybe having the load revert to the start of the text as opposed to trying to load exactly where the player loads might fix this.

I really hope this gets ironed out as the game so far has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to playing a full build.