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I really enjoyed this game. #ResistJam seems to have brought out some really creative ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

I did a short Let's Play of your game on my YT channel. Here's the link if you're interested. :)

This is a delightful little game! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you don't mind, I played it for my YouTube channel.

Thanks for sharing! Would like to see a longer version, with maybe more challenging moral quandries and/or non randomly generated sheets.

Thank you for sharing, this was great! Really poignant for such a simple game.

I hope it's okay, I made a Let's Play on my YouTube channel:

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Very cute little game! I'd love to see additional levels and difficulty bumps. Thanks so much for sharing!

Hope you don't mind, I made a short Let's Play:

Absolutely delightful! I can't wait to see the full game.

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Love this! The music is so relaxing and the ambiance is pitch-perfect. Can't wait to see the final version.

Here's my LP:

Bleak, but entertaining. I only made it a couple cycles before it glitched out, but I probably wouldn't have last long anyway. Thanks for sharing!

I made a vid, if that's okay:

I adore this game! It was so fun and creative; I'm really looking forward to the Steam release and new/more challenging puzzles. Thanks so much for sharing! I did a let's play, if you care to check it out.

Thanks again!

This game was super creative! I really like the concept and the art style. I had a lot of trouble with a certain puzzle, though, playing on keyboard, and got very frustrated. Don't take that to mean I didn't enjoy the game--I thought it was fantastic.

Here's my lets play if you wanna watch:

Thanks for sharing!!

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Really enjoyed this! I love how many different options there are for sound effects/music. It was so relaxing, I killed like an hour on it. I also made a let's play, hope you don't mind. Thanks so much for sharing!

Oh, I downloaded it straight from the page, the same day I played it.

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I love this concept! Very fun, wonderful ambiance and soundtrack too!

I made a Let's Play video, hope you don't mind. I linked your Greenlight page in the description. Looking forward to the full game.

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Did a playthrough of this on my YouTube channel, hope you don't mind!

It was a very cute style and good puzzles--the color room had me stumped for quite a bit. I'd love to see a longer version. Thanks for sharing!

I had such a good time playing this! It's not often that you get to be the antagonist, so to speak. As a Trek-nerd, it was very appealing out the gate, and as a gamer looking for new and unique indie games, it held up the whole playthrough. Wonderful music and sound effects, with creative but simple gameplay. I'll echo the sentiments I've seen in other comments and say I'd definitely pay for a longer version with more complicated levels and updates.

I also did a Let's Play of the game, I hope that's okay:

Thank you so much for sharing! Much fun.

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This was a hilarious little narrative game, thank you so much for sharing! I made a video as well, hope that's okay! Looking forward to more of your games. :)