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Hi! Thanks for your time and thoughtful feedback, it’s very much appreciated!)

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No surprise you got confused by the game. Idea was to make the path of transitioning from little cute creature to scary menace. But certainly I haven’t implemented it, so in fact game has no kaiju for now (if you don’t consider red panda a kaiju…) Ended up creating main character model whole jam period, when had free time( Just classic wrong estimation of a project. Gameplay is not what intended, I just started prototyping character controller, and this “gathering” mechanic made quickly before submitting.

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Oh, sorry. For some reason, I think it had in the end “If it wasn’t made in jam period state so” and I answered weirdly, because there was nothing to state) Maybe just got a little confused with previous format “state something or not applicable”, and thought of last question as a part of that pattern :) My bad, sorry! Of course, I meant that I was making game during jam and had no need to “confess” in breaking rules.

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Супер-круто. Арт обожнюю, особливо персонажів. Історія і її подача гідні похвал) Багато креативних рішень, ще й інтерактивні моменти як у квестах - класна фіча. Чекаю повноцінного релізу!

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Дякую всім за те, що звернули увагу на цю демку! Шкода, що надто пізно розпочав, щоб подати повноцінний проєкт :(