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One thing i could suggest is larger thrusters for larger ships, but other than that I really like this game

Where would you like our dump files?

*2 years later*

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Not running on my computer, as far as i can tell it has something to do with windows update 1809. Could you update it to fix it?

just realized that this is 3.2, sorry

mac version still doesnt work, also a minimap would be cool

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Hmmmm... Now everything has been working just fine this time I downloaded it. Until I run it that is. When I run the .exec, it just idles and does nothing. The other weird thing is that now "Mindustry" has appeared in Launchpad, but like the .exec, does nothing, not even opening a terminal.

I also tried compiling it into an app, just putting the contents folder into a .app, the it just kept trying to open, with noting opening.

Also the .html frame seems to not be working, it just flashes "GDX" with a loading bar in the middle top of the frame then black.

20 is really a lot... I hope the game really is worth that much. Also if it is released cheaper on steam, more like 5-7 dollars, you might attract a larger crowd to play the game as not everybody wants to spend lots of money on games. It looks really cool though. I always thought ant games looked cool, but i have never come across something named other than "ANT SIMULATION GAME SIMULATOR PLAY NOW ANTS!" Looks cool.

I have a late 2011 Mac running macOS High Sierra

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The mac version does not work, the executable will not run. It says that the config.json failed to load. I redownloaded it, and now it will not run. The exec, when opened, doesn't run at all. Nothing in terminal, nothing in task manager. Also, a sandbox mode would be cool, maybe with spawnable enemies and no naturally generating ones. Maybe just none at all to start though as that is quite a bit easier. I hope to see something like this in 3.0!

Once again I redownloaded it, and now the .exec is stuck verifying. It will not verify although I have my settings on "anywhere" in my settings. I don't know if it is me or the app, but either way, it is kinda broken as stated above.