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Like I said I do hope to see the game go farther, from what the map looks like I'd say its pretty good. (I clipped through walls to view it all, because god knows i am not good enough to get to a high enough round to buy my way through all the doors) I really am looking forward to an update, but I know shit like that is stressful and time consuming so don't over do it. Also I noticed you don't have a proper splash-screen, If ya'd like I can draw ya' one. While I am not particularly good I can kind of digitally draw. Examples:

btw if ya' got a discord &'d like to hit me up: Carsigian#4407

mu highest round on bo1 zombies was 64, my highest round on this was 3 _/(._.)\_ I fucking suck. Also if you're using unity's mesh collider, stop. use a block collider, sphere, or capsule. Anyways I was expecting worse :) i hope to see the game go farther. 

I liked the game, and like everyone else I made an unfunny and boring video.