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Interact with the perch right next to where you got the bell!

No of course not :0! We do monthly builds on patreon, and then do big major releases online at certain milestones

like - aside from the gallery function in the game? No

tap space bar!

We don’t have any touch support at the moment! On the bucket list though

That's on the bucket list!

Heyo! Thanks for the kind words!

We aren't looking into localization just yet, still got plenty of stuff to write out and solidify! We will likely be asking publically though once that is an option, a good ways out.


Act 2 isn't finished, but what we have available is playable on our Patreon. Each month we do a build.

Not making any promises on a date. But we've been making steady progress :>!

Hey! Thanks for the kind words!

Yeah we do plan on it! But not for quite a while. Like maybe once the campaign is done we will be reaching out!

Wow! Haven’t heard of this one before :0! 

This is quite an old build so I think it’s fixed these days but we will keep an eye on it!

Thanks for playing and the kind words!

Earlier builds had the area explorable - but it isn’t unlocked until later on story-wise, in act 3!

Yeah! It’s been reported and fixed in our more recent versions. Thanks for the heads up though!

And thanks for the kind words :>

There is a save game option - but currently, we don't have this set up to properly update and keep progress. (in this stage, there may still be some core stuff moving around, which will cause issues)

Our current patreon builds have a chapter select though, and we'll likely do a condensed chapter select for Act 2+ releases. That way you don't have redo stuff!

Thanks for the kind words!

Interact with the perch right next to the bell!

And thanks for the kind words <3!

Looks available on our end :0 try a different browser? 

We suggest downloading it anyways

Hey! Thanks!

We are still a ways out, and I don’t want to promise any deadlines. But we are making steady and solid progress!

not yet! On the bucket list though!

we don’t have update rolling built into the game yet. Will look more into that once we are looking toward steam

We run win 10 when making/testing it. Try redownloding and unzipping it. Might be a fluke!

she’s a distraction! Keep clenching those butt cheeks!

Just examine the wood post on the northwest corner of the lake area, where you found the bell

Act 1!

(Spoiler alert, dropping it tonight :>)

Updates on patreon till major milestones are hit!

Nah personally I never really got that fascination with the nude for nude sake thing - so I didn't even consider their bits to show. 

Definitely looks more legit without that though haha - could put it in a portfolio ;)