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Tomasz 'Carrion' Mielnik

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Yes It's BBasic with some of assembly cod

Just to let you know...

The cartridge version of game can now be pre-ordered at Bobr.Games

Hi There Amok. The game on the cartridge is the same game released here. I started working on a new game and decided not adding new levels to RJA.

Not tested on NTSC. Sorry

The promised source code for the game is now available on the CsDB website. here:

Yes. I hesitate for now as the upcoming cartridge version is in the works. Havent decided when to release the src code yet.

Hi Ther.e Thanks for feedback. Appreciate it a lot.
BTW: Have you seen this guy?  ;)

Speed run... All levels perfected :) on one credit :)

Nevertheless I consider making some less demanding levels for the upcomming RJA Deluxe Cartridge version. 

Does it happen every time? I can't reproduce it.

Thank you. I'm investigating it.

Thank you all guys so much!
I'm really touched!

Thanks a lot for this feedback. Much appreciated!