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Holy heck, this is useful. The author has managed to distill plate tectonics down to an easy-to-implement model for world building. It’s highly readable and written directly for TTRPG designers, homebrewers, and other world builders.

This is going directly into my own world building toolkit – and I’d love to see the author produce guides for other elements of world building.

This book is truly exceptional – one of the best gaming supplements I own. You could run a year’s worth of Mothership games with just this one book.

The saddle-stitched hardbacks are en route from the printer at this very moment! They’ll be available from the Amalara Game Studio store, Exalted Funeral, and Ratti Incantatti. I’ll post links above as soon as they’re ready to go.

Hilarious! ​If you like cats and comedy and pondering your own mortality, then you should grab this and play it.

I was the sole developer on the game and I do not have any Native American ancestry.

A super clean and minimalist blend of some of the best rules to have evolved out of OSR/NSR.

Yuigaron’s layout of the excellent adventure, Misery’s Keep, for the TTRPG Layout Jam captures the Mörk Borg vibe while remaining eminently usable. In fact, it does the little yellow beast of a book one better by tying elements of its design together in a way that makes it easy to read.

I like it so much I want a physical copy to put on my shelf.

Surreal, magical, horrifying, and poetic. Here the mundane becomes magical and the magical becomes monstrous.

The setting of The Lost Bay is every bit as captivating as Clive Barker at his most fantastic. The world building reminds me bit of my hazy memories of Imajica and The Great and Secret Show.

Iko has written a nostalgia-infused nightmare. It’s absolutely brilliant.

This is adorable (and useful)!

Bananas, in the best way. A post-post-apocalyptic, weirdhope, mutant punk game of adventure. There’s nothing else like it.

What a bonkers value. You get so much goodness for a very generous price.

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This is awful in a wonderful way (or wonderful in an awful way). Filled with severed heads, dystopian corpos, and cultists. Well written and easy to drop in and run. Exactly what one wants from a Cy_Borg heist!

Exactly what it says on the tin: twelve varieties of giant frog with which to menace your players. That may seem fairly basic, but this is packed so tightly with creative, useful info that it feels indispensable now that I’ve read it.

Seriously, it’s the best $2 you’ll spend all day.

Thanks! That went through a lot of revisions to get to this point.

Sure! I’ll post a handful more tonight when I’m back in front of my home computer.

Two words: flesh popsicles. This is one of the most disturbing horror modules I’ve read and I can’t wait for more.

This is disturbing and delightful in equal measure. Think “The Office” meets “Call of Cthulhu”. I can’t wait for the full game.

Thanks for the kind words! I’ll put it on my list to revise.

My ultralight VRBS system is published under the CC-BY-4.0 license. I’ve hosted a game jam with it and there are about a dozen or so games that have already been created with it.

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This is so delightfully demented. I’d love to see a whole dark urban fantasy setting for Liminal Horror built around this.

This is the most horrifying adventure I’ve ever read, and I loved every word of it. It’s awful and terrible and I’ve never before read an adventure that AS THE GM creeped me out like this.

It’s good. Real good. I want to run it. I want to talk about it. I don’t want to spoil it, so you should hurry up and buy it and read it first.

Just got the final version today – this is so flipping cool. Completely immersive, wonderfully written and laid out. Just delightful. and spooky.

This is wonderfully done. The tables are right on target and the art sets the perfect mood for high school students encountering the supernatural.

Spooky goodness!

Everything in this is so good and atmospheric, it makes me want to create a game just to make use of it!

This is so incredibly well done. I’ve just skimmed it and already have a dozen ideas of things to incorporate into my own games. If you took everything that’s inspiring and mind-bending about science fantasy of the Moebius/Heavy Metal variety and distilled it down into one zine, you’d get The Electrum Archive.

What a super fun concept! I love using OTP as the random generator.

I may be the exact sort of person who would enjoy a “necromancer in space” solo journaling game (n.b. I am also working on one), but if you are that same sort of person, then you will be giddy with delight at the quality and care that went into producing this one. (5 stars)

Utterly delightful. A game of exploration and wonder, filled with inspiration. I can’t wait to run this for my own kids.

​Dark, creepy, spooky! If you like solo games that encourage you to lean hard into the characters you create, you’ll love this one.

If you’re the sort of person who is on the fence, but can be swayed by a positive review and example of actual play, then check out the one I wrote.

​If you’re the kind of person who spends time designing games, then anti-sysyphus is essential and amusing and partly self-indulgent and completely spiritually refreshing. If you’re not, then probably none of those things will be true.

The game is written, playtested, and just finalizing art and layout. Our hope is to get it out by the end of July!

Absolutely delightful! I’ve had a similar concept in my giant, disorganized idea pile for a while, but I’m not sure I can top this!

Creepy good!

As an avid VTT user (my group meets remotely every week), this is exactly the kind of tool that is endlessly useful.

Hi folks,

After some discussion on the Amalara Discord server, I’m extending the jam to run through the end of July. June has been such a busy month for so many that having the extra time will let folks comfortably complete their games.

Ooh! I like this so much. The setup is just great – it feels like it lands somewhere between Inception and Quantum Leap. The mission and scene generation tables feel really well thought out.

This feels warm and fuzzy to read as well as super lovely to look at. I definitely want to see the finished result.

Everything by Mocha is beautiful to look at and soothing to read. It’s just lovely all the way around.

That’s correct – that’s the entirety of it for the moment. The final draft, though, I expect to be about twice the size of the Player’s Guide.