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This is the most horrifying adventure I’ve ever read, and I loved every word of it. It’s awful and terrible and I’ve never before read an adventure that AS THE GM creeped me out like this.

It’s good. Real good. I want to run it. I want to talk about it. I don’t want to spoil it, so you should hurry up and buy it and read it first.

Just got the final version today – this is so flipping cool. Completely immersive, wonderfully written and laid out. Just delightful. and spooky.

This is wonderfully done. The tables are right on target and the art sets the perfect mood for high school students encountering the supernatural.

Spooky goodness!

Everything in this is so good and atmospheric, it makes me want to create a game just to make use of it!

This is so incredibly well done. I’ve just skimmed it and already have a dozen ideas of things to incorporate into my own games. If you took everything that’s inspiring and mind-bending about science fantasy of the Moebius/Heavy Metal variety and distilled it down into one zine, you’d get The Electrum Archive.

What a super fun concept! I love using OTP as the random generator.

I may be the exact sort of person who would enjoy a “necromancer in space” solo journaling game (n.b. I am also working on one), but if you are that same sort of person, then you will be giddy with delight at the quality and care that went into producing this one. (5 stars)

Utterly delightful. A game of exploration and wonder, filled with inspiration. I can’t wait to run this for my own kids.

​Dark, creepy, spooky! If you like solo games that encourage you to lean hard into the characters you create, you’ll love this one.

If you’re the sort of person who is on the fence, but can be swayed by a positive review and example of actual play, then check out the one I wrote.

​If you’re the kind of person who spends time designing games, then anti-sysyphus is essential and amusing and partly self-indulgent and completely spiritually refreshing. If you’re not, then probably none of those things will be true.

The game is written, playtested, and just finalizing art and layout. Our hope is to get it out by the end of July!

Absolutely delightful! I’ve had a similar concept in my giant, disorganized idea pile for a while, but I’m not sure I can top this!

Creepy good!

As an avid VTT user (my group meets remotely every week), this is exactly the kind of tool that is endlessly useful.

Hi folks,

After some discussion on the Amalara Discord server, I’m extending the jam to run through the end of July. June has been such a busy month for so many that having the extra time will let folks comfortably complete their games.

Ooh! I like this so much. The setup is just great – it feels like it lands somewhere between Inception and Quantum Leap. The mission and scene generation tables feel really well thought out.

This feels warm and fuzzy to read as well as super lovely to look at. I definitely want to see the finished result.

Everything by Mocha is beautiful to look at and soothing to read. It’s just lovely all the way around.

That’s correct – that’s the entirety of it for the moment. The final draft, though, I expect to be about twice the size of the Player’s Guide.

Good question. At this point I just need to buckle down and finish it. If there’s interest, I can probably get it out in July.

Hey everyone!

We’re halfway through the month (and, thus, the jam), so I wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. I’m hard at work on Princess Guard, in which you get to play magical princesses who defend their magical realms. It’s a refreshing change of pace from my previous zombie survival horror game. :-)

How about you?

Thank you!

I love this so much. Fun, evocative, and a really great use of the VRBS system!

I love pretty much everything about this and can’t wait for an expanded version. It deliberately and effectively hearkens back to an age of 8-bit tactics RPGs, but translates them into an easy to play modern ruleset.

One of topics of discussion has been whether your game can be longer than 4 pages, as long as your rules stay within the 4 page guideline. The general consensus has been, yes, that this keeps with the spirit of the jam by being a design constraint, but also allows people to flex their creative skills by adding content outside the 4 pages.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing what people do with it during the upcoming Jam!

I had the great pleasure of playtesting 6 Trials of the Weavers and was blown away by how Tally had seamlessly blended two very different systems into one coherent whole. And then she knocked it out of the park with the creepy, spidery, surreal dreamscape.

Now that I have the final product in my hands, I’m just delighted. 10/10, would play again!

​This is an utterly delightful, anti-establishment take on fantasy combat games, from the point of view of cultists, goblins, and orks. I want more.

I love how the rules tie the contributions of the players together while also allowing for jumps back in forth through time. It’s very cleverly done.

This is a delightful way to pass the time while sipping a cozy cup of team on a sunny afternoon. No stress, lots of inspiration, and tea.


Just brutal.

It does exactly what you’d expect a survival horror game to do, and it does it really well.

This is an adorable mini-TTRPG with a lot of heart. I love that advice is given to listen to others and to be respectful.

I think this is best suited to a group where at least one person is an experienced role-player who can generate the adventures that the little heroes will undertake.

Short, sweet, and super well put together. Exactly the sort of thing I would use for inspiration.

This SRD makes it easy to put together a small game suitable for pick-up-and play and gm-less scenarios. The SRD provides a game template and plenty of direction on how to use the rules to craft a compelling game.

If you haven’t bought Artefact yet, then get to buying. There’s very little chance you’ll regret it, unless you are one of those strange people who dislikes excellently produced, flavorful, evocative games. Avoid it if you are mortally allergic to fun. Otherwise…

It is one of the touchstones of solo RPGs according to just about everyone and is likely to be remembered as a classic.

This ultra-light dungeon-crawler is just brimming with fun. I agree with another poster that the language itself can be slightly confusing, but it’s so well done that it’s worth taking an extra minute to decipher.

This is a super nice set of functions that’s not obvious from itch’s own documentation.

I love this so much. The pseudocode style is really easy to follow (I mean, at least for me – I’m a software engineer by day) and the whole game is jam-packed with space horror goodness.

Oh! Sure thing. I’ve set it to PWYW.