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Thanks for the feedback. This tribute will definitely go further- all the way into Dracula’s throne room! There may be more flying skulls along the way.

Great video. I noticed a bug we need to fix. When you fell to your death, you respawned all the way back at the beginning instead of the entrance to that room. Sorry about that, we will fix it.

We are also trying to balance the volume between songs better.

Finally, the next version of the demo will definitely have exploration and rpg elements! It won’t be a full blown Metroid Vania, but it will take some inspiration from that genre while keeping it mostly classic style.

Wow, cool roundup. I'm going to watch you play some of the other games in that video. Nice work!

Awesome video! Thanks for the feedback and commentary, it helps us determine how to improve the game. Glad you had a good time with it.