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I liked it, but I think it would  be nice if the game had... I don't know... a little bit more of story. That could make the game much better, it's short but it's good.

Nice job :)

This game is awesome. I liked the soundtrack and the story. The characters are really insteresting. The puzzles aren't as hard as I thought, but at the same time that made it confusingly cool.

Really worth it, awesome work!

This game has with it a deep and an emotional meaning, I really liked it. It's not hard to know what is this game about, and that makes it awesome. The soundtrack is incredible!  It's worth it. Congrats, much talent!

I just played this game and I loved it! But it was the pre-alpha :c  It's incredible. Can't wait for the full game. 


It was amazing! I really liked it, it was funny, cute and entertaining. Hope to see more of this :)

It is so emotional. I liked it. It's good and the soundtrack is awesome. 

Yes, please! That would be amazing :)

So far this game is amazing, so beautiful, with a relaxing sountrack. I loved the creatures behind. Can't wait for the full game! <3

It's really cool. But I can´t get the final ending, when everythings ends happy and with the real Mike. It's hard because you have to select the good choices, and it doesnt say which one is until you continue playing. It's a really good story, I really like it