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Thank you!! Development is continuing, I look forward to bringing everyone a good  quality yuri game.


The bullet hell section was well-done but it was pretty laggy for me. And I have no problem running any other games on my PC.

I realize this is really early alpha so I won't comment on much of the placeholder stuff (most of the game). The main character is cute and really well-animated.

You have a fantastic art aesthetic and style. I got softlocked when entering one of the houses (couldn't move in any direction).

This jam doesn't have winners but this is the winner for me. It's just obscenely good.

This was really cute. I feel the writing in the intro was way too exposition-y way too quickly, but I enjoyed the game overall. The characters, scenery, and concept were cute.

Ya'll have a wonderful writing and drawing style. It was really well done and the girls were so cute.

Hello! Your game is really great, one of the best ones in the jam, but there are some improvements I would suggest.

* There are some parts of the platforming that feels strange. For example, when I fall onto a staircase from a jump while moving, I can't move again until I stop moving and restart.
* The mage girl can move quite a ways off a platform while still walking. If this is intentional, it's very strange she can float while coming off a platform and not while jumping or on command.
* I didn't understand the shadow clone mechanic. There were a bunch of enemy shadow clones that I killed, but there were also clones that followed behind my character and mimicked her movements. I was confused because they didn't seem really harmful, and they also "died" (with blood spurt) totally at random for no reason.
* I ended up avoiding most enemies because there wasn't much of a reward for killing them and it was very easy to just move through them. They drop pickups occasionally, but I was always at full HP/MP anyway.
* The game crashed when I cast ice spike on one of the boss TVs.

I loved the art and music! Great job on the game!


I loved it!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! And you're completely right, the opening sequence is perfect.