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Hello! Thanks, you can report translation issues here:

Hello! Sorry for the late reply

Most errors should be fixed in the purchasable version. If you want to report bugs and errors you can join our discord:

Thank you!

Hello, Halleyscomet!

Sorry for the inconvenience. I could see your reply on gmail. Your code will be sent asap from our publisher.

Thank you!

Hello! The rom is now available here:

That was a very innovative gameplay mechanic. Cool visuals and a very important message for us about empathy. Thank you

We must offer an apology for this bad experience. Please let me know if you already received a reply via email. If not, please write us again at

Thank you!


Sorry again for this mess :(

We have good news to share! If you bought the game before July 1st 2021 our publisher will send you a download code to get the latest version of the game once physical copies start shipping.

Thank you!

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(Update:  Hello!   Sorry again for this mess :(  We have good news to share! If you bought the game before July 1st 2021 our publisher will send you a download code to get the latest version of the game once physical copies start shipping.  Thank you! )


If you bought the game before July 1st 2021 you should have received an email already. Please reply to that so we can give you your files.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

A message should have been sent to your email by now. Please reply to that so we can give you your files.

Thank you!


Sorry for the inconvenience. Please reply to that message so we can give you your files. 


HI,  Tom! Thank you so much for your support!  From now on sales and downloads will be managed by  the publisher here:

If you  bought it here after the summer sale using the support button but couldn't get any downloads please write us at and we will happily send you the files!  🙏

OH there's a path to the left that goes up, close to the left door :)

Thank you for playing!  Can you share a screen shot of where you are now?

The Rom if you will be using an emulator :)

Thank you for playing!!!

Hello! It will work. I has been tested with original GameBoys by the comunity.

Muchas gracias por jugar y un placer escuchar que lo hayas disfrutado. Saludos!

Thank you for your purchase and for playing it!

Probably an obscure reference by now but a couple like you watched that great movie! haha

Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!

It is very pleasing to play something like this for the Game Boy. Great job!

I love that you explored the relatinship mother-son which is very uncommon in videogames. Well done!

Having the ost released is a great idea. Thank you so much for playing!

Hello! What you need is an emulator. Try this one and follow the instructions :)

It should be very easy and you'll be playing it in no time

Very challenging and fun!

Hello, Gin V! 

No, there are not unlocked secrets on a second playthrough nor there is going to be a sequel. We are focusing on our next game :)

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 I can recommend you one If you like. Visual Boy Advance is good for windows.

just open the app. And under "file/Open..." just choose the Pine Creek file :)

There in options you can adjust resolution and ikn sound choose 44khz

Any problems I'm here to help

Hey! It will work fine with a PC. There are tons of free emulators out there for windows and Linux :)

Hola! Probablemente tarde un par de meses más o se extienda a inicios del prox año. Por carga de trabajo no estamos trabajando en ello pero la habrá. 


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A couple of hours. It could be finished in an afternoon or two to three days playing casually.

This was beautiful and moving :')

This is one of the most relevant games in recent years. If you loved Serial Experients Lain you'll love this!

This was so fun and with a great art style.

Looking forward to this game! The demo was great.

This was very honest and cool!

Hello, Garrett! 

Thank you for playing! 

Well, we're unfamiliar with the EZ Flash Omega but since it's designed to play GBA games, problems with GB and GBC are to be expected. 

Do save states work?

Is the cart updated with the latest firmware? 

Is your SD card in good conditions? 

I'll keep looking for possible solutions. 

Thank you! 


Thank you so much!!

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Day 1

Talk to Karen in the Book Store.
Talk to Cassidy in the Photo Store.
Go west until you reach fig street. A cop will tell you you can't enter Judith's house. Interact with the dog blocking the path to the backyard, after that, look for a vending machine and buy something. Give what you bought to the dog. Enter Judith's house and into Judith's room. Check the symbol on the floor. Once you've done go home.

Day 2

Talk to Karen in the book store. Talk to the clerk at the train station. Purchase a ticket, she will tell you you need more money. Ask your Dad for money. Your dad will tell you to get a job in the pizzeria
Ask Remus and Romulus for a job. After completing the job they pay shit. Ask your mom for money.
Get the rail pass at the train station.
Enter the Black Cat in Apricot City.
Answer Margot's questionnaire after reading the information in the books around the store.
A door to Simonne's garden is now open. Enter her library and talk to her.
She will show you a book. Read the book and decipher the code. Read it clockwise. It says PIZZERIA
Go to the Pizzeria in Pine Creek.
Check the Plant pot. Inside there's a new clue.
Go home.

Day 3

Talk to the Reverend at church about the note you found. He will tell you you need a Catholic Bible. Ask Karen for one.
Talk to Cassidy at the photo store. He will develop the photos the next day.
Go to Apricot City. Enter the Nientiendo Electronics store. Use your coupon to get a phone. Go back home

Day 4

Talk to Karen. She will tell you Judith bought the Bible. Go to Judith's house and knock the door. Enter her room upstairs.
Check Judith's bible.
Check Judith's PC and open the file OpenSesame.txt The clue will tell you to go to the Love Hotel's basement.
Talk to Vic in the Hotel's reception. Talk to the girls in the Sushi Restaurant. Go back to Vic and then to the Taqueria. Buy some tacos and return to Vic. Now that the path is open, unlock the basements door. The password is PASTA.
Go all the way down until the final scene.

Day 5

Talk to Cassidy.
Talk to Karen.
Go to the statue up in the forest park.
You reached the end!


Simonne Rescues you:
-Give your real name to  Margot at the Black Cat.
-Tell the truth when Simonne asks you where did you find the symbol.

Liz rescues you:
Lie in any of the above or talk to Liz and be sincere to her in day 3

Tim Rescues you:
-Lie to Simonne, lie to Margot, don't talk to Liz.
-If you tho these in day 4 get inside Tim's Cabin. He'll have three weapons, depending on which weapon you pick you'll trigger a different sequence.

For sure! We may open up a Discord or something to stay in touch with players as well. Good luck with your project!

Thanks for the compliments and The feedback is very appreciated. Thank you for this review!!