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Nice! I really enjoyed it

This is so cute :D I love how far the Santas fly when they get hit 😂

There are actually 2 more powerups, but I'm also too bad to find them

The artstyle is so adorable! What a gorgeous game.

Thanks :D but same, my high score is 500 XD

omg i started by walking to the left and then suddenly there is this creepy ass dirt elf just staring at me XD i got so scared. But cool little game! Maybe an overview of the controls would have been good, it took me a while to find out how it works

yeah my discord id is carlita#7806

Hi I am a 2D artist and 2D animation beginner. Would love to work with a team for this jam, this is my first jam though so I don't know how everything works yet. If you wanna check out my stuff, you can do it here: