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I'm not sure where that sprite comes from, it could be junk in the memory, but I do have a pickup that spawns there.  I removed the pickup since I couldn't get it to work before the end of the jam.  I guess I left something there and the game is rendering whatever is in memory.

I'm planning to continue work on the game.  When I get the pickup to work it should fix the problem. 

Thanks for the feedback.  Much appreciated!

Thanks for playing!

I'm not sure which block you mean.  The engine I used has a bug that sometimes renders the wrong tile so that might have been it.

Thanks for playing!

I plan to try to improve the jump.  I used this jam to learn to make Gameboy games, so the jump is a little hacked. :)  There is so much I want to add to the game, but because of time constraints and the fact that I was learning a new engine, I couldn't get to everything.

This was fun and the right amount of challenging.  A really cool concept!  I hope you are able to develop the concept further.

Thanks for your feedback! 

I always did think the random movement in the harder locks was a bit unfair.  I may add some way to telegraph the change in direction or remove it entirely and add a different layer of difficulty.  I may in the next few weeks upload an updated version based off of your feedback if I have some time, I'll try to address the spacebar response as well.