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No problem, I've sent you an email. :)

1) I'm on Windows 10 Pro build 19042.685, the latest update it finds at the moment.

2) Yes, v1.2.2 on the corner.

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Hi Ted, thanks for letting me know! Sorry to be a downer but unfortunately it seems it's still not working correctly for me :(. I've removed the previous version and installed the latest one you have uploaded (tried via the Itch app and also via the downloads page). After starting it, double clicking to switch to windowed mode, dragging the window to the second monitor and double clicking there again, it switches to fullscreen mode but back on the main monitor. It doesn't want to stay in the second one.

No problem, and thanks for looking into it! :)

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Hi Ted,I bought this some years ago and loved it, I liked to play this on my second monitor while working during the cold seasons. :) Now that I have it here on itch I wanted to use it again, but after installing the Beta_v092_Win I cannot make it work correctly on my second monitor. If I double click on the main monitor it toggles between fullscreen/windowed correctly, but if I drag it to the second one and double click it again it moves to the main one for a split second and then returns to the second one but stays centered in the screen in the small windowed size. I then cannot move it around until I double click again (I guess it's in "fullscreen" mode but with an incorrect size?).