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Wow! This game was really cool! I found Anna's doll, and I hope there are more games like this! Top notch work! :) I really liked the use of hidden mechanics! When I went through every menu and was like WHAT?! THAT'S A THING? Once I figured out how to "save" the secret codes everything clicked and fell into place! Having all of the coordinates on the screen really provided a noticeable quality of life perk, I'm glad I didn't have to write down coordinates lol.

I'm following you and hope to see more of your work! Thank you for this thematic puzzle!

Hey! Great game, love the vibe and pacing. So, I might be mistaken and it could've been an odd sound from another source. I knocked on one of the doors and it changed what direction I was looking and a sound that sounded like a clown horn? That was the game and i'm not imagining things, right? Haha

I stumbled across this on the Haunted PS1 Demo disc! As a fan of LSD Dream Emulator, I am super impressed! I love what you've done! And the cats are a great touch! I'm looking forward to a grand version! I know obviously this is a work in progress, my biggest suggestion would be to work on the sounds the ground makes. Different floor textures providing different sounds was part of what made the LSD experience for me!