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The sequel was even better than I expected. Fantastic work!

Twas a fantastic game

Woo! Followed you awhile back! Looking forward to checking this out!


life changing

This game is worth your time. Check it out!

Gorgeous game!! 

It's hard to say specifics. I tended to like the levels that combined the switching of colors with movement. While frustrating it was rewarding to master. So levels that had colored rectangles push you if you weren't the right color. And you had to balance that with movement and switching colors. Best example might be level 7. Well the not "shortcut" part of the level. My least favorite ones were when you would prevent color changing and instead force me to rely entirely on avoiding obstacles. I very much enjoyed the concept of learning when and where to change colors and lost some interest when forced to stay a color and just learn the patterns. Hope that helps!

This was frustratingly fun. Good work!

I pretend to be scared and scream a lot for views in this one. Superb game by the way. Had a blast. 

I fake getting scared for views in this one. Fun game. gg

I was so scared that I went full circle which made it seem like I'm not scared at all. Yeah. That's what happened. 

This was neat. Thanks for making it. <3

I didn't mean the things I said. I was just mad. Love you and your game! 

I went. I'm sorry.

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Yes I played it and yes I have a youtube. I mean it's practically mandatory at this point. Enjoyed it. God is more wall vaginay than I remember. gg. Also, I found a bug.

Escaped Chasm community · Created a new topic Loved it!

This was refreshing and fun. The animation is incredible! 

This was weird and creative. My favorite things. 

This is a very silly and fun game! It had a nice flow!

Absolutely! If you make anything else or update this game, feel free to reach out! I'd love to check it out!

This game was cute. 

Didn't know there was a distort button. Had a blast anyway. 



This game was neato! Not pink enough though, imo.

Had a blast goofing around on this! Thanks for making it!

This was a fun experience! I recorded this before there was sound. So sorry for poking fun at you when you clearly indicated to me that sound would be coming soon. Sorry that I'm bad at reading lol.

I enjoyed this little experience. One note, I think it would be more convenient to have the yes option already highlighted when given the option to do something. At least in this prologue there's really no reason to say no to something. Having to use a directional button and then hit another button felt a little clunky. But that's a REALLY small nit-pick. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This is the type of stuff I love! <3

You guys gotta stop making "esc" just force quit the game. Please add a prompt or change the button. It's sad when you press esc to exit a menu or something. I lost all my progress in your game. I'm sad now. I hope in the future you won't make games quit when you press "esc." Cool art style, though! <3

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Hey! These games are awesomely weird. I wanted to throw some support your way. Here's a video I made from some of the stream highlights last night. 

I hope you're able to get the treatment you need and continue making super weird games! I love the work you and Lily do!

This was quite an experience...

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I'm upset at that last red coin! AAARRRH! Good game though! Had a lot of fun! 

Don't booli.

If there's a way to mess a game up, I'll find it lol. I read about your other game ideas. I'm looking forward to giving them a try! 

According to science, this is EXACTLY what cats dream about.

I found this as humorous as it was accurate