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Thank you for making this game! Incredible, heavy, memorable atmosphere. Even though I wanted to know more, I think it was just the right length to keep the player hooked. I'm so interested in learning more about this haunting world. I would absolutely love to see more from you in the future! Again, amazing work!

(Potential spoilers ahead?) The ending seems to have both people and slugs appearing in the Repairs room. I kind of get the impression that by terminating the source of energy for the people they lost a valuable resource, and by freeing the slugs from their conditions the creatures are either more available to contribute to war or post-war tensions or they have a scapegoat for their sufferings at the hands of people, and neither party is happy. In the ending, the fact that both slugs and human figures are invading the player character's personal space, which was formerly a "safe space" of sorts because it was the only space in the game really where creepy stuff doesn't happen, was very unnerving and cool.

When I saw the ending, whether it's really happening or it's just a representation of the situation, it gave me the impression that it's about the pressure on the player's character from both the people and the slugs for setting this irreversible chain of events into motion. In saying "please" the world frees itself of responsibility; from their reasoning, the character didn't have to obey and made their own choices about the situation, and therefore the world is safe to place the blame on the player character because of politeness being a veil for manipulation in this case. That's only one perspective on the ending, and I'm sure there's many more - there's definitely a lot to think about. I'd be really interested to hear your perspective on the ending.

Also, I'm so fascinated by the sound design in this game, which conveys volumes of what low-poly can't. It absolutely stands out as part of the experience. It made me so jumpy. That haunting wailing coming from a door upstairs or the awful groans coming from the machine - how did you do that? Would you be willing to briefly go into your process on recording and processing these sounds? I'm really interested in hearing about how sound designers do what they do, and this game is a great example of effective sound design.

Again, thanks so much for sharing this game! You've got me hooked. Can't wait to see some more!