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i've heard in a previous comment that there was a comic about it on patreon but i didn't see it among the various level, and i would like to know beforehand. can anyone tell me more about it?

no problemo like they say back home. Take the time for everything that needs it.

i'm calling it, the mister fedora is just our favourit bird showing up

i just finished path A with Dean.... ooo  boy goosebumps and feelings all over the place. That is one masterfully done cliffhanger

i'm recent to kingsguard and i was wondering if the builds become gradually free or if its now all paying

i'm so gonna kill Aster

i admit, glad i  finally got to see canto sweetheart

Listen, do what you have to do and as you want, because that is litteraly what we are here to see, the fruit of your work and of the time you placed in creating the VN. if you need more time, go for it

To be clear, all species can sense it to various degree of precision, and of course trained magic user can sense the different mana in the air as Max does, as he can tell what mana is within the bomb just using his nose. Humans are the only one to have the ability to visually see it as colorful energy, and it is hinted that they have a innate flexibility when it comes to using it.

If human mana had a color, maybe white? because you know: white is all the color at the same time, human mana is about perceiving the entire truth...

a sum up of what we know here:

oky doki. I juste wanted to make sure since its heckin good

does any of you known what is the state of vn?

all jokes aside, an actual vehicule or very large apparatus would be interesting, altough the flying powers might make the thing a bit useless. Also, i do wonder what was the looks of the armour and the previous weapons of the host before Michael. it would be funny if the bracelet was like the source of all legends about magical weapon, like excalibur or mjolnir, altough we are borderline on the fanfiction here.

Heck yeah! 

however, let's not abuse of "the return of the king" memes.

Well, maybe. who knows? altought firearms may not fit the armor aesthetic, so maybe something bigger in size, hence why i personally think of a bow. altough if this is a firearm, maybe something like a sniper riffle? it still possible its a close-range weapon so a shield peraphs. i'm curious to know what others think.

everytime i download the windows version, they ask me what program do i want to use to open the rar doc. but the two version for linux and max seem to be zip like regular VN.

how am i supposed to do?

so it seems the weapon with the bracelet change according to the route taken, a sword for Mnesis and a large hammer for Superfang. I wonder what Baron route has in store for us in that regard...a long distance weapon such as a bow perhaps ? can't wait to see the baron open-up a bit too.

rare for me find vn were i get so emotionally invested. 

I really hope you can put Gus into your suitcase to go back home

i just finished the current version and let me tell you: i'm hooked!

Hey, in Burry route, there is this term: ablaze. I understood that it was a magical phenomena people go through under from what I assumed great stress and pain, given that Burry was considered gifted at doing so on his experiment subject. But what does it mean? what does happen during an Ablaze?

Hey, here is the link to the wikia i found about Shelter. If you feel like adding details, for those who have a hard time grasping the concept revolving around mana especially, i encourage you to participate. It may be stupid, but i genuinely don't know if many know about it

Je ne puis qu'attendre avec hâte 

so sock is a thing for us? i admit i'm brand new to all of this so i wasn't aware.

that or sock isn't a gay thing in France.

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let's hope for the heaviest rain(for just a day), so that the biggest motherf***ing rainbow appears.

yas, more yeen, i'm always down for that. especially with how cute his young sprite is.

not that i mind the old one ;-)

Hey, since i'm a lore addict, does anyone can answer me a few question?

first of all, what are all of the species inborn power?

secondly, i think there is a mana usage level on Luke chart that wasn't shown. what is it?

and thirdly: Luke said that Shelter and the area around lacked natural mana in the atmosphere. So does it mean that in more "normal" place, people can use embers and exotic mana from just the air itself?


Wow, that was one emotional bomb we got here... Well, we were told that Hamish was prone to tear sometime in private, but that is a whole other level. Masterfully written i say! i'm looking forward for...well pretty much anything since I know it will be good

i do hope so

it's good to see a vn where the mc isn't always right. the characters are well developed, and the intrigue is well written. the emotional ramifications are interesting, but damn it makes the wait even more unbearable for the next update

and i really look forward for an explanation for the whisper, altough i guess it must have a connection with the great dark

Okay this took quite the scenaristical turn. a good one at that, but damn...

whether its the story in itself, the way it was played out, the pacing, the words used, the esthetic, the images...that build 9 who was supposed to be a bombshel was masterfully done. There aren't many story that are so gut-wrenching for me, and God damn you passed with flying colors! the broken mirror image and the scene with the guitar are the two best point, each of them hit right, and really hard.

no really Jericho, you outdid yourself here.

well, it is a good way to start a vn, that is true

When the VN MC has either amnesia or has prophetic voices in his head:

"ah, shit, here we go again"

well its goes without saying i guess. Still, damn that was rough. 

I guess echo wasn't enough. this one really felt like icy needles stabing my spine

I just had my heart crushed by the last frame.

on another note, the mc is waaaay delusional. The bear did say he was up for fun and not for any comitment sort of things

i'm a bit of a scatter brain and i just finished Burry route.

how exactly does this VN work? i'm a bit lost i admit

there are things worth waiting for. Such as this VN

on the opposite there are the ring of power...

same. Man i can't wait. the characters are really awesome. and I look forward for more bird mom scene and more Hamish scene

dang, this VN is good, and the updates are short-distanced from my perspective...

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i'm new to Echo and i'm wondering: is there an ending where you can get out madness-free of this horrible town