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Will or is Wispy in the game?

The game would be more enjoyable for me if I could use WSAD instead of the arrow keys.

Also, while I kept dying to the flappy bird area, I noticed if you hit continue multiple times you can spawn in with 2x or 3x the amount of hearts.

Finally got the game to work and now I wish I didn't. The fucking flappy bird level is such dog shit with jumps not registering and randomly getting killed by the plant you already cleared. I want a skip bottom for the flappy bird level or slow it down if you die too many times.

Is this a NSFW game?

I played and got annoyed with the female in the first level cause she got caught on everything that was on screen. I relaunched the game a few days later and now my anti virus wont let me launch it saying the game is dangerous. 

So, where is the most recent build that isnt a demo?

It is extremally short and has One H scene.

This saddens me. You were one of my favorites when it came to NSFW games. Oh well..

Is this one ever going to get updated again? maybe another level and more characters? 

You can though. Just not for very long. The amount of stamina the character has is garbage though 

Any new animations in the Village?

What is the dog suppose to do? When I found her I had the dog with my slashed her and bounced off her for like 10 minuets then left thinking she just wasn't in the game yet like the skunk girl.

Thank you for reaching back out

So, where can we buy the game and roughly how often does it get updated?

I need help, who and where is Cynthia. Also, how do I get Gnu to do something?

I need help, who and where is Cynthia. Also, how do I get Gnu to do something

Is this game abandoned?

The new update is cool. I like the mini boss with a new animations with him. Wasn't sure if there was a trick to the fight though. I kinda just shot all of them until I found him lol

When will the next update come out? I check like every other day for an update.

So, will there be a sex animation for the store keep? Like futa or anything at all.

Do you have a rough estimate on when level two would be released?

I love this game. Looking forward to see what enemy's and animations get brought into it.

I enjoyed the game. I do think the mini boss at the end should have a different kind of penis though. I think it should have a knot. Other from that it was fun and good.

Does anyone know the codes?