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bro after 2 years damn I have forgotten why I said it

watch now gameplay with commentary

watch now gameplay with commentary

I love your games this is the hardest of them all 

gameplay with commentary



hey I'm a pixel artist I some experience on game jam discord: CarbonZyro#5122

So I am in or what

I am pixel artist I will join your team

Discord CarbonZyro#5122

I am pixel artist I will join your team

Discord CarbonZyro#5122

Watch Now

funny game

watch now

which game engine did you use

this level I know how to do but I cant do

Which version of unity are you using

make a portal or stairs to go to second floor new player will not be know that

how to go to floor 2

the game is good but the pixel graphics hurt my eye

is there only one floor or I'm missing out on something

my highscore
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I'm a spirit and I'm gonna protect my Graveyard

what game engine are you using

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nice story

nice arcade game

nice and easy game minions get clumped up I can just go forever

how to change the gravity will it unlock after some levels

yeah I'm from India voice is messedup when I talk english trying to do better

watch now

nice game
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for some reason I can move the player by clicking volume down on my laptop

and does the game go forever

nice game bro keep it up

nice novel but I came here thinking this is some kind of roguelike

will this game get any updates in futur

nice game its really good