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Made it to 100+ moons. The game is very fun and hoping we'll see expansion packs in the future.

Quirky and enjoyable RPG! Very well polished and enjoyed every second of it. 

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Fun game, but hard to master. Lots of strategies involved but I'm too smooth-brained for this lol

omae wa mou shindeiru

ran into the same issue. i made a few worlds and they say uploaded, but doesn't appear on the list at all. made a few edits and reuploaded it, but gets stuck in uploading forever. it seems to happen to every other map that i've made so far. 

Great game! I've always been fond of village games such as Virtual Villagers or Populous, so it's nice to have a more modern rendition of such titles. 

There are a few things that I wish was different, such as the autosave feature slowing down actions being performed, or the area around the villager bar on the bottom being unclickable. Other gameplay elements that I wasn't too fond of is the extremely slow nesting and in general, the slowness of everything in comparison to the lifespan of the Sproots -- which is both too long and too short at the same time... My play session spans only an hour, so the game feels too tedious or too quick depending on what's going on.

Overall though, it's a nice little game and I'm happy with the purchase! Looking forward to more!

Great game for the amount of limitation GB Studio has in place. The ending where you traverse the last few rooms is a nice touch. Some puzzles are a little tedious and a chore at times and the game would be better overall with simple music loop and sfx.