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Thanks. I’m looking to get 8k output on a loop path, like a circle, oval and figure 8. I’m on a Mac Pro with AMD FirePro D700. 

I figured out what the Anim text box is for. It’s just the prefix of the file naming right?

However, is there a way to create an animation with the start and end in the same spot, but make it last for 1 minute or so? I want the camera to remain still and just capture the moving trees and plants, moving animals, and moving water without camera movement. Is that possible?

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Animation Path

Hi. Firstly, the software is really unbelievably amazing! Lots of fun. Love it! I've looked all over and still can't find what the "ANIM" text box does in the Movie popup. Also, I think an animation path would be useful, so we can fly in a circular path for example.