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Carbon, Idiot Wanderer

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Dicey Dungeons

2.0 won't install - Windows 10

Could use a condition against softlocks - if you get cornered and no available move has a valid target, call a loss.


Update: No text for dino finding boat?

So I managed to hide until there were 4 people left without getting transformed. I hid and I hid and I hid, and for some reason, the number never went down. I've escaped once, I've been... vaccinated... twice and while I never saw the final count from escaping I can certainly say everyone got a brand new physical form both times I was transformed. Come to think of it, why does it start out as 100 every time?

You're not rendering a percentage as a population count, are you?

I have been enjoying this little thing for years, I know it in and out like the palm of my hand.

Suffice it to say, good shit.

"carefolk holofarmer" sounds like some retrofuture shit and I'm all for it

Misfire! Misfire!

This birdcage ain't big enough for the two of us, pardner.

Great game! Lots of fun to play. Only critique is that after a while you can become invincible and the in-game enemies lose their (quite literal) magic.

And... now I'm happy I don't touch my phone ever