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Hi, the update completely resolved my crashing issue! And I love the new manual-style tutorial, it's super cute and effective. Thank you!! I am clumsily and enjoyably figuring things out.

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Crashing - I use a Surface with windows 10, and it's always seemed super janky and buggy. I think there is something super wrong with the install and maybe the machine to be honest so probably not worth you worrying about. I hate windows 10 and I hate this awful baby-computer attempt to splice a 'tablet' with a PC. I'm more motivated to get round to replacing it now so I can play this!

I absolutely love this, haven't been able to get too far, I don't think it agrees with my laptop. I've come to be a very amateur neurochemistry nerd through running the gamut of psychiatric medications, and this kind of practical logic gate problem solving feels super good, especially as someone who never got very far with science or academia. I like the idea of being able to figure things out and learn and feel like not-an-idiot! I have signed up to your newsletter and look forward to following your progress!

People still saying 'capitalism is the solution, not the problem!' in 2020