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Great art. You, guys, have great domain over the sci-fi style. Thanks for sharing. 

High quality. Thanks.

Nice. Thanks.

Thanks. It's always useful.

Very impressive. Thanks.

Very impressive. Can't wait to play with it. Thanks.

Very impressive. Thanks.

That's a impressive pack.

The CC0 applies to the incredible music?

Great pack. Very usefull.


Really like the style. And the rich movement of the characters. Thanks.

High quality work. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for answering. You're very talented. I'll keep you posted about how i used your assets. 

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Impressive and beautiful. Out of curiosity: this is vector art, right? You used Illustrator or Inkscape (or other)? Just curious.

Thanks for sharing such great art. 

Wow. I hope i can make things like that when i get the gist of Material Maker.

Material Maker is great. Thanks, Rodzilla.

Thanks for the video. The pack is so rich, seeing it in action helps a lot.

Great work. Thank you for sharing.

Very inspiring. Thank you.

You're making all those amazing sprites for free. Thats big,

Thanks and your work is amazing.

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Thats amazing. Waaay more than five star.

The art is so consistent and pleasant to look. It has a Super Mario influence, and thats perfect. Thanks, you're a genious.

I hope i can make a game using these great tracks.

But i have to confess, i liked and i intended to hear those for its musical qualities as well.

With or without making a game out of it, i intend to enjoy your compositions. Those tracks are amazing.

Thank you for sharing.

You have 3 amazing packs. But tell us about license.

Sounds great. But license?

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I like you style. Its fun and works for me. 

Thank you for sharing. 

External World was amazing, but somehow you managed to outdo yourself,

These assets are breath taking, i will try to do something with it. It will take time, but i'll let you know.

Thanks, man. I hope my english is not too defective. 

This one has a certaing Blade Runner vibe.

THanks for this great art.