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Hey, it is pretty rad! But why no special music when you get the star? ;-)

Neat game! BTW, I needed to install the newest version of LÖVE to get it to run.

This project is an expression of love! I really, really liked it!

(Also, lol at poking the eyes)

Fantastic, and I really love that the little guy starts laughing when the game ends!

This is a fantastic little game :-) I wish we had a limited number of "undos" to help when the I fatfinger something :-P

Pretty Nice! I liked the "alone-in-the-darkness" style of the goal images.

One thing that caught me by surprise is the direction of the ball when you released it... I was expecting the ball to continue travelling the path that it was going when it was released (like a pendulum), but it travelled the direction that it was faced. After a while I got the hang of the difference, but I wonder if there is a way to preserve affordance more easily in this mechanic...

That is a pretty impressive game. I loved the idea and the music! The music really brought me back to the game boy era.

I felt that the level timer was a bit tight, but maybe I just suck! :-)

That is a pretty neat idea! I do like the detail that you can climb on your own bombs to get out of pits.

I haven't managed to win yet, though. Damn pits!

Surprisingly fun for a tweet tweet game! I hope you continue the project later :-)

Woo, I loved this! When you figure out a level, it really feels like the snake is all excited about eating all the fruit at once :-D

This is so beautiful! (and so hard!) 

Are there no sound effects? I can hear the initial pico8 chime, but nothing after that...

I think some sort of content ratio would be a great idea.

I'm not a big fan of the age-based content ratio, simply for the fact that it does not tell me much about the game. On the other hand, a tag based rating (gore, sex, nudity, drug usage, depression, self-harm, etc etc) would be much more useful IMHO.