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Late Reply, but one of the childhood games that always stayed in my memory was “Enduro” for the Atari, a very simple racing game that also has this thing of the color of the sky indicating how close you are to the end of the game.

I’m pretty sure I was unconsciously inspired by that when I made this mechanic for this game too.

Thank you! XD

Thank you!

Note: The “Tentative Linux Version” works perfectly in my Ubuntu 22.04 system :-) Thank you for making it!

This game is soooooo good! I love the graphics, the music, the sound, the strategy, everything!

Nice idea! :-) I hope you keep working on it!

That was really cute!

Wooo, pretty hard! I made it to day 5, but could only get 19 tomatoes there!

WTF did I just read? :-D this was fantastic!

Nice, I got a score of 66!

Neat game!

Neat! I got 1311 points!

Really cool, I got a 6450 score!

This game is so serene, I love the sound effects in the woods! Being able to automatically make an animated gift of the mushroom is a very nice touch! (Too bad the gif is too big for itch)

Here is what I made after about 30 minutes:

This game is awesome. The game sessions are short, but you have to actually think a lot in them. There is a lot of strategies to learn as you play over and over again!

10/10, would build my own dungeon again.

I don't really like the music, but it is a great game!

That is a very valid question! If you are really worried about viruses, I guess you can ask your Santa to make you a web game?

Hey, I just finished playing the game on wine. It works, but if you switch to another application (say, if you have multiple monitors and click on firefox or something), the game freezes.

Did you manage to run it on wine? I was planning to try this one, but I wanted to make sure it is wine compatible first.

This is so nice! I feel happier playing with this!

Hey, it is pretty rad! But why no special music when you get the star? ;-)

Neat game! BTW, I needed to install the newest version of LÖVE to get it to run.

This project is an expression of love! I really, really liked it!

(Also, lol at poking the eyes)

Fantastic, and I really love that the little guy starts laughing when the game ends!

This is a fantastic little game :-) I wish we had a limited number of "undos" to help when the I fatfinger something :-P

Pretty Nice! I liked the "alone-in-the-darkness" style of the goal images.

One thing that caught me by surprise is the direction of the ball when you released it... I was expecting the ball to continue travelling the path that it was going when it was released (like a pendulum), but it travelled the direction that it was faced. After a while I got the hang of the difference, but I wonder if there is a way to preserve affordance more easily in this mechanic...

That is a pretty impressive game. I loved the idea and the music! The music really brought me back to the game boy era.

I felt that the level timer was a bit tight, but maybe I just suck! :-)

That is a pretty neat idea! I do like the detail that you can climb on your own bombs to get out of pits.

I haven't managed to win yet, though. Damn pits!

Surprisingly fun for a tweet tweet game! I hope you continue the project later :-)

score 1733 by spinning around until the zombies welcomed me into the community. 10/10, would vomit at a zombie again.

This game invites us to reflect on the virtues and pitfalls of responsibility, We cling to our cloud friends in the vain hope of not dissolving into nothingness, a fate which is, in the end, unavoidable. The inevitable result of this struggle is nothing less than damning those friends who took a risk to support us to the same fate that awaits us. In fact, the only way to win at this game is to not involve our friends with our woeful errand at all, and suffer our fate in stoic loneliness.

Woo, I loved this! When you figure out a level, it really feels like the snake is all excited about eating all the fruit at once :-D

This is so beautiful! (and so hard!) 

Are there no sound effects? I can hear the initial pico8 chime, but nothing after that...

That was pretty awesome! I loved the game play!

I was not a bit fan of the alert sound when the timer is almost over -- maybe something a little softer would have been better?

I think some sort of content ratio would be a great idea.

I'm not a big fan of the age-based content ratio, simply for the fact that it does not tell me much about the game. On the other hand, a tag based rating (gore, sex, nudity, drug usage, depression, self-harm, etc etc) would be much more useful IMHO.