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Hey there :) Loving the concept of your game, but I've got a bug - not sure if it's with only the Mac version or if it's universal but the UI doesn't seem to fit on the screen, making it difficult to see what's going on. There's only one available resolution, so I can't figure out a fix for that myself. Is this a thing that could be fixed? I'd love to play the game more. Thanks! 

Glad I could be of assistance, and no need to apologise, these things happen! I'll be sure to give the game another go, as it was really enjoyable the first time around :)

Hi there :) This is a great game, however I think I came across a bug. When I picked the Stay Strong card for the colleague in an accident, the response from his wife suggested I picked the bee-themed one. Just thought you might want to check that out, and otherwise I'm loving the game so far! 

Awesome game :D
Didn't get a chance to play it with the bae at the Braehead event on Saturday, sorry I was so shy, but finally had a look and it's fantastic :D