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Thank you for stopping by.
The English version of Uh Ah! Capybara is in progress and it's looking good.

Please stay tuned, hope to see you when the we have the update.

Thank you for your offer !
We are still considering the feasibility of releasing the game in other languages besides Chinese and English. :]

Hey! Thank you for the support! We are excited to see people looking forward to this as well.

We are currently working on the third act for Darren's route (Chinese version), which means after this act, there is one last act for Darren, after which we will move on to Amadeus's route.

At the moment, our immediate goal is to finish Darren's route in Chinese. But we are also considering the possibility of starting the translation earlier than originally planned, seeing there is much support regarding the English version.

So please keep checking back, and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions! We are really happy to hear from you -- and to see you are as interested as we are in this game!

Wow, thank you so much for your attention and support! Since we haven't started promoting the English version yet, it is a happy surprise to see so many encouraging comments!

Right now we are still working on the Chinese version (1.5 routes to go), but we will definitely start posting on Lemma Soft and other forums once the translation is under way. So... keep an eye out for our future updates? :P

Again, many thanks! You have made our day! <3

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Thank you for stopping by! It's nice to see some support out there!

Even though the game is currently in Chinese, we hope we will be able to start working on the English version soon!

(We actually have a part of the script in English already... but one step at a time!)

The current status of the game (Chinese Lark v1) :

Main plot 100% completed

Isaac route 100% completed

Lucius route 100% completed

Music / Sound 100% completed

UI 100% completed

Darren route 50%

Amadeus route 10%

We think the progress is looking good. Fingers crossed that we will get to the English version soon with no trouble. :]

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