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Cool and good and epic

Do you have a discord? And if not, I can accommodate you a discord server? For your community?

Very cool and awesome!

Very cool looking game.

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I'm not sure if these sort of things are appropiate for this forum, so apologies in advance. 

I've seen there's not much of a discord community here, so I felt that my discord which focuses on giving indie game devs a community could work out. It has about 1300 members right now, please be sure to check out and stay!

I would like to talk to the dev and staff here in order to set up a mutual collaboration for this! I actually found this game through the server, so I would like to solidify our relations. 

Here is a small advert:

🏯**__Hömeless Hôtel__**🏯

***__The Home of Web and PC Gaming; The Unifier of Communties__***

*Need a home to post your game creations?*
*Can't find a community roof to belong?*
*~~Strive asylum from the paralytic monotony and despair of your insignificant existence?~~*

You need not fret, we welcome you in an open embrace to our homely **Homeless Hotel** - no matter who you are or what your interests. 🤗 

**YOU** decorate your hotel room. **YOU** express your interests and spread your wings. **WE** provide the room service, of-course. Components of the hotel are ever building, new ideas and people are needed, like **YOU**. ✊

All the aspects of games are covered here - suchlike art, programming, gameplay, speed running, and musical composition. 

**Interact with different communities from different games and build your community here! We shall facilitate it all.** Some of our partnerships include: `Scripters War, Guilds of Gods, Firith Studios, numerous games`

Great game!