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Ah, very cute and well done. I had fun playing it!  I couldn't understand a lot of it on my mostly forgotten German, but I got by.

I noticed in the other comments you're working on an English version. Is that still coming?

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Ho. ly. crap.  This is entertaining in so many ways and I've already gone through several generations.  But my favorite was the one which lasted 57 days and everyone died.  Talk about a roller coaster.  I was rooting for them so hard, and they came SO close to surviving, but Fate had other plans.  Here's how it went:

Everyone's stranded.  They've got their cliques.  Things suck, but they pick up.  Henry loses his mind, trashing the camp for three days straight while everyone's on the verge of hunger.  Henry eventually returns, but the very next day, the Cave has claimed three of them for mystical purposes: two lovers (Audrey and Claire) and (Billy).  Things get better until a storm wipes out their camp.  Joshua, who was terrorizing everyone, finally receives divine punishment and dies.

Progress picks up, but Sarah dies to a tiger attack.  Everyone's arguing and won't collect food.  When the fighting stops, a horde of locusts descends upon them for a week.  Someone catches a boar, killing it at the last second to avoid mass starvation.  But Audrey gets the madness and returns changed, no longer Claire's lover.  Tommy falls into a pit while foraging and dies.  Claire and Billy are still being frequently summoned to the Cave for mystical purposes, wanting nothing to do with Audrey now.

Finally the raft is built, but Sophia and Henry drown and the camp is wrecked!  Is it a curse on Audrey?  George is crushed by rocks while foraging with Audrey.  She's definitely cursed.  They rebuild their camp.  Audrey gets hit by a coconut (poor Audrey) and loses her identity (again).  Jack and Zoe are secretly lovers.  Billy has developed a crush on Claire.  Audrey is a cursed third wheel.

The raft is built, not once but twice more: The first time they are missed by a ship and must return on a broken raft.  The second (and last) raft is built, Audrey has a Breakdown and on the same day her curse finally claims her and she drowns when the raft is sent out.  Food is scarce now and the raft is destroyed for wood.  Billy and Zoe succumb to hunger.  In a desperate attempt to survive, Jack and Claire strip the camp for wood and forage, but there's no food to be found.  They die the next day.

11/10 Still a better love story than Twilight -IGN

Best season of Lost, ever.