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In a sense it’s true but the next public update should be Niks and it’s very exited to see more. I don’t know what’s in the update so I do hope Nik does get more screen time

I haven't played much of this game so far but my favorite character 100% is Noddle. He is just too fcking adorable....

Is Sissel's run complete?

How do i join the discord ;w;

I'm not butthurt I'm just saying it's kinda sad that you have to be mean every time theres a single post. (Not all but most of the things you reply to is just mean.)

I want tone >:3

Why are you so rude to some people if they say literally anything...

No i mean im literally broke. I don't even have a dollar. I could ask friends for some but I can wait for the updates

Oh damn it DOES exist I actually might try that. I wounder how they got the idea for that and if they've tryed it before

Imagine if I had money

ur reading the comments of the game. I dont know what you expected...

I wonder when next update is idk

Its a never ending rabbit hole, once you start it you cant stop

It was never a joke for me

I'm NoT a FuRrY

HAHAHA u think I have the money for that?

when it said to aproach it I did but then it just said that it was nothing and moved on



YAY! (also include this is a spoiler pls)

probably just an anti-fur, ignore them

U gota wait bro, you can't rush perfection Im happy the way the updates are going now and im looking forward to the next.

It was so fucking cringe that I literally skipped that part. I already just finished the update and Im now even counting down for the next one ^w^ 

Update drops tomorrow WOOOOOO

When is the next update again?

100% agree, im super excited for the new update on June 20th

i cant wait until the new update this VN is amazing < 3

cant wait for the jun 20th update <3 only problem is I have no idea how to update it lol

what has happened so far with the game? I played like around 5 mins then it went to 'to be continued...'

damn thats a lot of ;w;s

I cant even get the game yet ;w; my pc is getting repaired cus i dropped it and broke screen ;w;                          It takes all of my will power to not look up a play-through on youtube. I can't ruin the magic experience ;w;

So how do updates work. Do you have to do them manually or is it automatic

ah shit i hope that didnt spoil anything i havnt played it yet

Yes there a sequela called Khemia 

Wait theres no information on this when does this game take pace? Before Adastra, Kehiem (the sequel that for some reason i cannot spell) or inbetween, or after?

Quick question, I haven't downloaded it yet for MacOs, when there are updates does it automatically update for me, or do I need to do that mysef. And if so, how do I do that?