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Yeah, the player controlled hand movement is not that noticeable und the 'shaking' , that would have needed a bit of an indicator for sure.

It is, as you said, also not that important to do, it only helps a bit to align the hand shaking a bit more.^^

Very cool! The fire spreading feels very believable. You get it under control at one place and it escalates somewehere else. Nice idea and the implementation works very well!

...and of course the title is very nice, indeed!

No way! They are so similar. You must have great humor! xD

Very well scoped and polished. 

Took a simple concept and executed very well. Even the style is fun, always wanted to play a succulent!

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Yes, every passanger needs to do his due diligence and take part in driving the bus right until they almost start to pass out.

May have been a good idea to add to the description.

4.1.6 just came out and this is fixed!

Nice work!

Ah, thanks for the reply!

I just upgraded to 4.1.5 and now 'undo' does not work anymore with control-z...

Somehow the fact that I use a qwertz keyboard messes it up. Is there a way I can change undo to use control-z?

There are 10 puzzles in total, but glad you liked it