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It's over...and it was a hell of a ride!

Don't forget to like/sub/share if you enjoyed any part of this journey!

Mistakes were made...but the farmer is no more!

Charlie the Chicken clucked with the wrong girl.

What a story!!! Thanks for the recommendation!

Everything went wrong today, but we learned a lot!

I laughed, I cried, I was launched into space - basically everything I asked for this Christmas!

Ok but I really need the backstory here, lol. Nightmare Alien Santa's origin story must be wild!

Is there another ending if you get all the cookies? Why does Santa rob the North Pole bank? We may never know...

I was expecting a few more jump scares, but I guess the real horror was facing my inner demons. Lol jk, really nice job!

I was left with many questions, lol. I'd love to see the story fleshed out a bit more and some interactive elements, but it was very pretty and I enjoyed it!

Grear start! Hoping you add in some higher stakes like obstacles, maybe some puzzles. Enjoyed it!

I was not expecting a boss fight my third day on the job!

Happy has bested me too many times. Now that the full game is out, I'm ready for revenge.

Honestly have been super excited for this release! Here's part one of my playthrough:

Pretty impressed for a 1 minute horror game. Great job!

But who was phone??? That pig freaked me out. I was expecting him to jumpscare me, lol. Good job!

Super creepy - I wish there was more to it! Hope to see more from you!

Here's the last nightmare and the ending! Holy bananas, that was truly horrific in the best way. Loved it!

This game is creepy...and amazing. I'm loving it so far!

Way better than I was expecting. I loved the art style. Hope to see more from you!

I have personal experience with sleep paralysis, it's no joke. this was creepy!! Well done!

I have so very many questions. The music was beautiful! Anyone else beat my high score?

Man I wish I knew the backstory here. What are those things? Why are they here? Decently creepy!

That was the cutest demon-monster-thing I've ever seen. Great idea...I would have loved it to be longer and more...warped!

Heckin creepy for such a short experience! Can't wait to see more from you. Well done!

I cannot stress enough how much I loved this. I can't wait for the full game. Beautifully made, incredible art style, really intriguing puzzle. Give me more!!!

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The tension build was great! My only minor critique is that it's not really clear what you're supposed to do next, or why, so it felt like I was wandering a lot. Scared the crap out of me though! Well done!

The art style was incredible. I really loved this game. And I got all three endings! Beautiful. Love love loved it! More, please!

Such a sad story! Loved the game though and kind of a cool mechanic to actually be the one manipulating the haunt. Well done!

I will neither confirm nor deny whether this game scared the bejeezus out of me...but my face in the thumbnail is from this game.

I LOVED the art style and it was decently a too-real kind of way. Well done!

This was beautiful. I loved every second of it. Just masterfully done. Thank you!

Boogie down with the spider-dog! Good little game.

My geese were thoroughly bumped. What drugs was this man doing?

My bones were thoroughly rattled. That girl at the end needs to get bit.

I broke the game the first time... Very spooky atmosphere! Great job!

I used alllll the censor bars, lol. Looking forward to the full release!

That subtext though... definitely want to know more of the backstory there. Enjoyed it!

I probably should have gotten shot more often. Well done!

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This one was my favorite. Please add more games, it was great!

Tug o war wasn't working for me but I tried the others!