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I'm not certain how we get the 2nd ending, but you jumpscared me good!

Seriously such a unique concept. I would love to see a full-length game incorporating this and FeedVid Live, but more than anything I just think you've done a fantastic job with both.

Honestly, hes probably just lonely...

Interesting concept, I glitched over the gate once...oops. :)  But overall, I enjoyed it!

Very creepy. I enjoyed the "Don't Blink" element!

Scared the absolute bejeezus out of me again and again... you've created one hell of an experience

What a trip! Genuine spooks and unsettling all around. Very nice.

The jump scares were great, and it was a fun, short play. Got all three endings!

Really loved the way the tapes changed as you interacted with them. Hell of a job, man.

Genuinely scary. I can't wait to see you flesh this out into a full game!

This man has no sense of self-preservation lol.

Never follow directions from a random cell number, kids.

Creepy atmosphere. The section with the scissors got me.

I absolutely loved every second of it. Thank you so much for the experience!

Well... I have questions. 

Good tense atmosphere!

I need to know what happened to the bird. Please.

Cant wait to see the full game! Very tense, and big nostalgia. Loved it!

Today we learned never to help a child. They're evil.

Super eerie atmosphere, great concept. I wish it was longer! You had my skin crawling the whole time!

This was chilling. And you scared the bejeezes out of me with that guy. Loved it! v

You have no idea :)

It's everything i ever dreamed a horror game about a cartoon llama could be. 10/10 - and i got both endings!

There was a secret ending???

I loved the environment and the jumpscares and...well...all of it! The crouching under boards wasn't working for me, but I'll definitely be back for more!

Why you gotta scare me like that??? Good game, I enjoyed it! 

Short and sweet, you even jumpscared me lol. All 3 endings, baybeeeee!!!

You got me a few times with the scares! Looking forward to seeing this become a full game, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Absolutely loved it, and the twist got me gooooood. You guys did a great job with this game!

Such an interesting game. The story elements were added in beautifully, the suspense was just right, you took ten years off my life with the scares. I beat it on easy mode which I think is very well balanced for casual gamers. Loved it!

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I broke the baby. He deserved it.

This game is a joy to play, and the update was awesome. Can't wait for the black cat update!!!

I misspell my own last name so dont even worry about the typo, lol. Im at work but ill leave my review when i get home!

Such a good game! Truly one of the best ive seen on scared the hell out of me but so much fun!

Nothing like being chased by a man in a bear costume to liven up your day!

Creepy atmosphere and a story that kept me guessing. Kudos! I enjoyed it!

This game was gorgeous and also scared the absolute hell out of me. I LOVED it. Thank you for your creation!

I particularly enjoyed speed running once the danger had passed. Fun game!

My heart was racing the entire time! Fantastically creepy, definitely captured the survival horror feel. Loved it!

What. A. Trip. Fantastic game! It was horrifying in the best way!

I loved the different camera angles! Not what i was expecting but i definitely enjoyed it!