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If I remember correctly you can enter one of the menus to get it to re-sync the mouse movement.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am glad someone else got a kick out of the project.

 I haven't touched this project in several years and have a few model fixes to clean up, then will be converting it over to the new Unity cinamatic camera system, so I will try to get it to allow a bit of 'lag' in the rear camera mode. 

There are no scripts that could be moved from the mod to the new game. Plus, it wouldn't make sense as the mod was working within the constraints of the Akella engine and the new game is free of that, so we can build the classes and method as we see fit, without needing to work around their architecture. Other than following the same basic pattern of the mod there isn't anything really that can be salvaged other than some user assets.

There is no save/load system yet. It is still very early in development.

He won't be responding, at least not under that name. He was banned for putting up completely random posts that related entirely to Pirates of the Caribbean and the Disney connection and had nothing to do with New Horizons (the new game build, not the mod) in any meaningful way. After the 10th post that was bashing the game (even though it isn't connected to PotC) it just came down to banning the user to keep the weird posts to a minimum.

Correct. They should know a bit more over there. 

You'll want to swing by the website to find out. Holidays are always really slow for 100% volunteer projects, so I never expect much during the last quarter of the year.

Only the music that is under no copyright, or a copyright that allows it to be used. We will be adding the ability to mod the game, and that will include adding music scores through those tools, so they can be added by users later, just not as part of the core game.

Jumping, climbing, and other 3d movements are not going to be planned until after the 1.0 version is functional.