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I am absolutely in love with this game! everything is just so good, from the music and design to the story and characters!!  I just got the 'awake a god ending' and can't wait to unlock the others!! Great job!

very very very cute and fun to play! well done!

I absolutly loved playing this! can't wait for the final game!

I can't seem to get 2 of the flags, is there an answer sheet or something anywhere? I'm so curious but I can't figure the out.

where can I find the playthrough guide?

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Im a bit confused. how do y0u get out of the room with the blue card in it? The door has a fire symbol with exclamations. 

Its an overall really cool game tho!

I got past it! This game is soo cute and i love how challenging it is! I agree with everyone else when they say that we need an extension of the game.

It looks like a really cool game but it keeps freezing after the first turn

This game is absolutely amazing!!

How do you jump higher? nothing seems to be working for me.

After walking through the door to exit the garden, I fell through the floor.  As soon as I get out of the door I keep getting clipped through the floor at the station and getting stuck. I ended up having to a new game, I don't if that fixed it right now but thought I'd say something.