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Oh hey I saw the VTuber Kaela from Hololive play this. Definitely on my wishlist now!

The whole neutral shield and danger system is great UI design! Makes it very obvious and easy to know when you can and shouldn't absorb bullets. The additional languages for the announcer is a cherry on top.

The accessibility options are FAN-tastic! Heck, the toggle fire option should be mandatory for most shmups.

I remember SuperBunnyHop making a glowing review of it. Glad to see I actually have it. 

I would like a smoother first time user experience and tutorial. Game has a lot of stat and skill options from the start. Same goes for combat. It gets overwhelming fast.

Some RPG's that I feel do tutorials really well are: System Shock 2, Baldur's Gate 2 and Divinity: Original Sin.
Maybe with an easier mode, you can simplify some systems by gating certain skills behind mastery of other skills.

What a wild ride! 

My only issue is how easy it is for the cursor to be near the edge of the screen and somehow click out of focus on any windows behind it.

My main criticism is that a lot of the specialized actions such as hacking and lockpicking are nothing more than waiting to fill a bar. I think each of them should have different, more interactive ways of operating.