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I LOVE the storyline! Very eerie atmosphere, too!

I couldn't get her to love me... good game though!

One of the best and well made games I've played on this platform! 

This was so good! The twist was terrifying!

Best ending of all time!!

spooky game! Loved the surprise at the end!

truly a tragic tale! Awesome game!

Unique storyline! A lot of care and love was definitely put into this game!

This was AMAZING! The part where your door opens KILLED me!

Well crafted and fun! One of the better convenient/video store games!

This game was highly entertaining and nerve-wracking at the same time!

This was a great demo! Excited to see the full release and the other chapters!

Sad and chilling. Loved the art style!

I ALWAYS get these crashes when playing most UE5 games. It's something wrong with the engine running in DX12. I've been able to get Steam games to work by forcing them to run in DX11, but not sure how to get non steam games to do that.

Ohhh those jumpscares... they are ROUGH in the best way possible!

Several days late in playing this game! The atmosphere was eerie and the music filled me with dread the entire time! I think I figured out the story, but I won't spoil it here!

The sister character is horrifying! A good, but sad experience.

The sudden jumpscares really scared the hell out of me! Nice work!

This is gonna be a hell of a game! Thank you for letting us see a little glimpse of it early! It was a good time!

I love this creepypasta! The voice acting was top notch too!

Short but entertaining!

amazing game! Very original concept!

Love the ghost design! Very terrifying!

This game... Was so good! From sound design to horror elements... This was incredible!

this was an amazing experience and I will be first in line to hit the purchase button on steam when you fully release it!

Oh this is good! This is really good! The story is highly intriguing so far. I'll do part 2 tomorrow!

So well made and one of the most terrifying ghosts I've seen!

Love the slow creep of dread that builds up! Also, the footsteps from nowhere always freak me out!

Very tense and scary!

... I've been using for two years and have never thought to look up in the right hand corner at the ability to rate games... I feel ridiculous and VERY unobservant! 

Well, this is my very first rated game!! Great one to start with! 

This game needs all the attention it can get! Wishisted on Steam and need it to come out tomorrow... (Although take all the time you need to make it everything you want it to be!) Also let me formally apologize for not including "Ourselves" in my first episode's title. Blame it on the bronchitis for not double checking my words! ( Although there is no one to blame but myself!)

This game needs way more attention! It is leaps and bounds better than most of the other games on!

...not trying to degrade anyone else's comments... like  I said I do the same exact thing!

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WOW... This demo is very impressive! I'm blown away by the visuals and design! And the fact that you made the puzzles actually make sense instead of just throwing them in there with no reason as to why they are there at all... brilliant stuff! Will be posting a video of part one of my playthrough when done editing... I just felt strongly enough about this game to give you some early words of positivity and amazement to stand alone from a comment shamelessly written with a link in order to promote my channel.

I'm disturbed... and hungry! Great job!

WOW... this game is pretty amazing so far! I've never seen visuals like this, either!

Drew I can always rely on you to guide me towards some insanely awesome looking games... This game looks freakin' incredible and I'm gonna play this next!

Very well done! It looks great and the scares are quite scary!

Hellishly good game! Even if the ending was a bit hot under the collar!

I didn't want to eat any of that... but the game was good!