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Legitimately scary! Sometimes not knowing which direction he is coming from is panic-inducing! 

Being chased was HORRIFYING! Nice work!

Nice work! The subtle suspense was fantastic! The storyline was great, though getting rid of the floor would have been difficult!

Bizarre and intriguing! I honestly felt like the time reversing was a positive thing...

These jumpscares just about killed me! One of them even got me twice!

Very well done! The acting was phenomenal!

That Pacman was horrifying! Nice work!

Incredible work! The jumpscare in the elevator KILLED me... 

Very well done! I can't wait for part two!

Thanks! I enjoyed this experience! It's easily one of my favorite atmospheres in a horror game!

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Brilliant atmosphere! I was thoroughly creeped out the entire time!

This concept is very harrowing. Very different and cool!

Humorous and scary at the same time... much like most public restrooms in real life.

Freakin' terrifying! Well done!

Very nicely crafted horror experience!

That getaway... was rough lol. Didn't think I was going to survive!

There were several strings attached! I loved the humor, but I never got an explanation for the third eye...

LOVED the woman! she was the right amount of horrifying!

Short, but very sweet. The Santa... Thing... Was legit creepy!

Another Christmas classic! Thanks for all the frights!

This game... was WILD! Thanks for the laughs!

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Why not just buy another ball?? Nice job with the game, though! 

Just a playthrough of day one and I'm already worried about my sanity!...

Why everybody gotta give Boyd hell? He was the most logical one! Loved the story, the atmosphere and most of all the writing! Top notch!

thanks! Loved playing it!

Very well made! The scares in this demo got me BIG TIME!

There is a legitimate reason this game comes back every Christmas season... It was an instant classic when it first came out!

Intriguing story! Still very confused, but enjoyed the jumpscares!

Very sad game. Great work, though!

I didn't play this originally, but it's fun and challenging!

This was awesome! Had all the 80's horror vibes! 

Fantastic job! Very unique and loved the atmosphere!

Nice work! Some really messed up scary visuals in here!

I did everything the spirits wanted! Why they have to treat me like that?? Nice work, by the way.

The ending made me very uneasy... Great job!

Funny as hell! For you first game, this is impressive!

Great work! I loved in nightmare mode if he saw you, you had no chance of escape!

Odie seemed to be the only redeeming character in this game (some things never change). Very nice work!

Your recreation of this scene from the movie is PERFECT! I hope to see more scenes soon!

He's slow, but damned determined!